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TikTok is the world’s largest small video-sharing app and platform. Where people can make a little video of a maximum of 15 seconds and post it publically for everyone, other people can view their videos and interact with them. For example, adding comments and giving hearts (like) to them. Similarly, TikTok has now become the world’s largest short video-sharing app in minimal time. Multiple users can use this app and showcase their talent, dance, or acting by making a short video of 15 seconds and today we’ll talk on facts about TikTok and will talk about YouTube vs TikTok.


Moreover, Bytedance has created and running the TikTok application. But everything in this world isn’t perfect. Every favourite thing must have some drawbacks in it as anyone can use the TikTok application that’s why there are some cringe videos in it. But it’s not true! Some people use this app to showcase their talent and make good quality content. Here we’ll be going to talk about some new facts about TikTok application.

Fact No.1 – The USA was planning to ban TikTok

facts about tiktok

As we all know the hostility between China and America due to the financial status of each other. Since China and the USA, both are the world’s biggest superpower and are top-rated in terms of technology. The USA doesn’t allow any Chinese application to work in their country. Because these Chinese applications collect user data and send them to the Chinese government servers without any permission. Therefore, the USA was going to ban TikTok in their country, but they failed to do this. Because by that time TikTok had covered the considerable user attention in the USA. That’s why the USA is still not able to bank TikTok in their country.

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Fact No.2 – Largest User Database

TikTok has one of the biggest user databases in the world, which is about 810 Million users worldwide in just two years.  For comparison, Instagram captures around 115 Million users worldwide in 8 years. Twitter has 330 Million users worldwide in 12 years. Whereas, YouTube, their major competitor has 2 Billion users in 15 years. Their user ration is much much higher than all other social networking platforms. TikTok will soon cross all the record in the coming few years.

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Fact No.3 – CarryMinati Revenge | YouTube vs TikTok

If you watch roasting and comedy videos, then you must know about CarryMinati. He’s a favourite and leader of all roasters in the YouTube community. He recently roasted TikTok creator Aamir Siddique on a trend of YouTube vs TikTok. His roast on Aamir went viral like a forest fire and created a record for most-watched YouTube video in a short time.

But YouTube has removed his video in charges of Harassing and Cyber Bullying. As revenge, CarryMinati fans are now giving a 1-star rating to TikTok on Google Play. Now, TikTok’s rating has dropped from 4.5 to 1.2. I think it will decrease to a negative one if possible!

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