Witcher III Game Review – Game of the Year

To spend spare time, the most exciting thing is to play any game. Witcher III game review is the adventurous and exciting game to play it is full of surprises, thrill and endless adventure. This Witcher III The Game of the Year Edition game is consists of a lot of hours of gameplay, and now it is available with may expansions of high quality. So you anyhow have missed on the last year’s game then it’s a problem to search the time to escalate it, so here is the Witcher III Game of the year complete review.


WitcherIII Game Review

The Witcher III Game review is consisting of vanish novels and a monster known as witcher the essential character of the game. Witcher III Game review has many capabilities despite this fact, he is distrusted by the majority of the populace. Despite the trilogy part of the game, it is straightforward to summarize the story. The whole story goes around the devilish army. The main concern of the game is the exploration of the country. As compared to Skyrim, wither III is twenty per cent bigger. It is one of the well-known, and most played the game.


How to play

Witcher III is a marvellous game containing small choices in it.   Do not play the game unprepared. There are many tips available that you can adopt before playing the game. All these tips are for making you ore expert  I the game. So friends here I am going to talk about how to play this fantastic game with some of the best tips available. I hope it will be helpful for you. Let’s start!


Read map

First of all, read the map and locate where cities are present. The world of the Witcher III Game review of the yearis giant. Therefore, it is not easy to reach your location. Monsters are everywhere to scare you. Monsters are tough to handle at the beginning of the game. All the creatures come in front of you have a set level. It does not matter at which level you are the creatures will have the same strength at level 1 or level 50.

Save Game

Save the game manually

Do not forget to save your game manually.  When you explore the danger a quick jaunt will sav the game automatically


Keep on moving but keep in mind when to stop

To fight against deadly monsters is highly tricky in WitcherIII .X is the key to avoid dangerous attacks of the enemies. At the same time, the sidestep is checked to prevent smaller enemies like the glob of muck in your way. The evasive method is essential for combat. You can step aside without any pause. Do not jump for its sake. Your frequent movement will be a risk for you and throw you in trouble. You only can keep a safe distance between you and your enemy by keeping your sword and by swinging attacks. Keep on playing rightly, Gerald is an agile and patient fighter. He always waits for the right time to strike in a better way


Keep on grinding

 It is good to grind for progress. It slaughters a lot of enemies to keep the level up. Killing the enemies in the forest will helps you I enhancing the experience. Over time grading become phased slowly. There are many new titles of the system, such as the scaling of the enemy level. A question arises here without this type of working in the game have you grind for the experience point. The answer is simply no. There are many monsters and beast you will find challenging to handle at your initial level. You will get human experience by going into the woods and killing the pack of wolves.


Arbitrate daily

Arbitrarily of the Geralt is the coolest thing of the WitcherIII and the most essential part of the game. When you do not take apart in the combat, you will be able to hit L1, and you can open the radial menu at any time. Here you will be able to pass the time by meditating. Then just set the time and watch the fly by hour’s .meditation will allow you to skip the time to maintain the health. It is advantageous when there are many enemies ahead.

The WitcherIII game has a robust crafting system. The ingredients and materials do not weight. If you laid down by cheap weapons. Then you will be picked by the bandits.

Keep patience

In the Geralt shoes, you will experience as you are being kicked by everyone about everywhere. Well, it is quite natural. In reality, you are the problem, and Geralt is the badass. Winning the game is based upon your previous knowledge. When you fight gryphon for the first time, you may be going to have trouble. But no need to be worried battle is all about learning and experience. You should know it I attack pattern. And in the next turn, you will face winged buggers so be ready. It the right time to talk to your bestiary. It will indicate the weakness of the monsters. At the start of the game, you will feel weak and vulnerable, but you will get stronger enough to fight against the enemies believe me.

Difficulty Level

Lower the difficulty level

Witcher III is packed with deadly and dangerous monsters, but the real difficulty you face is by the leader monster. So if you are not alert or vigilant, you may fell prey to these monsters. But do not forget you are here to enjoy the game; it’s your responsibility to release yourself from the difficult. You can change the difficulty level. In this way, you will face fewer enemies and damage. If you do not have any experience of the actions game, then its perfect time for you to learn the main points of the game. Keep on making the changes by setting the difficulty level and see which setting ensembles you best.

Keep the witcher gear

if you have searched a good piece of the apparatus. Speed is a crucial component of the fight to upgrade at a higher level.


Crafting system

The crafting system in Witcher III is not essential. The vital equipment in the game if the witcher gear. Choose a material and make a better sword


Treasure hunt maps

Buy the treasure hunt map from the mysterious maps at a cheaper rate. Read it thoroughly, you will find a new tip every time.


Procure the horse

Buy blinders for the horse to play the game in an adventurous way. Geralt carrying capacity is increased by saddlebags. Blinders assist you in fighting against the enemy from the back of your horse without making you fall down

Repairing of the gear

Witcher III allows you to improve the weapon during the fight it means if you re I the middle and your gun gets out of order, then you can fix it.

Find power places

The most useful question mark is the identification of the power mark on the map. It allows you to make your ability better by empowering you. It makes you able to spend and save. So if you search for the power places, you will get more potential and allowed before the level up. That’s good.

Keep an eye on the notice board on the map

The size of the Witcher III is enormous. Just visit every town and city of the country and read all the notice boards. It will pop up many areas on the map and open the new quests.

White orchard

Go and visit the white farm and discover the further questions contract of the witcher a bunch of undiscovered places monster is the extraordinary journeys marked. If you do so, you will get a better amount of equipment and many other points.

White Orchard

NVidia hair works setting

It is good to turn on the specific setting known as the NVidia hair work setting. In this way, you will find a bunch of things n the process.60fps ultra setting, 1 dip zone into the 40-50 parts.

Hair works

HUD settings

Do experiments turn on every setting and get many things on display. The most essential thing is to make the HUD small. HUD can be troublesome in the game.


Pros of WitcherIII

WitcherIII has the following pros

  • it is an excellent story which is based upon a novel
  • Witcher iii is a unique writing piece of the novelist
  • The soundtrack of the game is fantastic and useful to hear
  • It is the expansion of the previous games and is more exciting and thrilling
  • This game has many characters and enemies you never faced in any other game
  • There are a lot of players choices for the player to keep the interest at peak
  • There is a ton of content in it containing almost 150 hours that is more than enough
  • You can set the level of difficulty according to the choice hence it is not difficult for the beginners at all

Cons of the Witcher III- the game of the year edition

  • DLL issues
  • Witcher III not sot suitable for the children under the age of 18

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