What do you think if Microsoft forced you to install an update? Windows 10 April 2018 Update launches this system

With Windows 10 May 2019 Update already circulating among us, comes a piece of news that may not like users too much.

With Windows 10 May 2019 Update already circulating among us, comes a piece of news that may not like users too much. Especially when the updates released by Microsoft are offering some problems by all known that have forced the American company to take action.

On the one hand, we have seen how to avoid problems during installation Windows will hijack a limited space on the hard drive. In addition, if it detects that the update may cause problems, it will not appear in Windows Update until the bugs are corrected. Failures that sometimes make users choose not to take the new version.

Given the doubts generated, there are few who either decide to postpone the update or even decide to “pass it” and “continue with the Windows” that they already have installed. This may cause that for the sake of stability, make use of an old version of the operating system, something they want to avoid in Microsoft.

And for this, they could be thinking of forcing the user to update their version of Windows when the support of it comes to an end.

This translates into…

In this way, the possibility of postponing an update is over. If we have a version of Windows that is about to expire, (citing as an example Windows 10 April 2018 Update whose support ends on November 12), the system will determine that the team must update itself or yes to a more current version. This way Microsoft will start sending updates to the devices that have this version of Windows 10 from June.

The reason given by Microsoft is the one we all have in mind. Ensure the provision of quality service to the teams with the launch of updates that provide improvements and in the process maintain the security of the system. In two words, (security and stability).

Starting in June, we will begin to update the devices running April 2018 Update, and previous versions of Windows 10, to make sure we can continue to service these devices and provide the latest updates, security updates, and improvements. We are beginning this implementation process based on machine learning (ML) several months before the end date of the service to provide adequate time for a smooth update process.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update will be the first version that is affected by this improvement and then October 2018 Update will arrive, the next one that will have to make the jump, in this case to a more current version for now not fixed. And is that the company has not yet determined which version will be chosen if the next on the list or the most current release.

It is a measure that will surely provoke the complaints of some users. We will have to see how this proposal evolves because there are few who want to determine autonomously when updating their equipment and not a process that is forced.