Why new Video Games Runs only on High-end Computers?

why new video games are not for low-end pc
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If you notice today’s video games market, you will see that there are many advanced video games runs only on high-end computers. Their graphics look really realistic and stunning. Games like GTA VI, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six and more. Games like these come with stunning graphics and look like they’re completely real and runs only on the high-end computers. Assasin’s Creed Valhalla which is releasing on October 15th 2020, comes with really outstanding and stunning graphics. If you watch the trailer of this game you cant’ distinguish whether it’s a video game or real Hollywood movie. So today we’re gonna talk about why new video games run only on high-end computers?

Why new Video Games Runs only on High-end Computers?

Why new Video Games Runs only on High-End Computers?

Now the question here is why these modern video game developers make their new video games only for high-end PCs? Why they don’t love people with low-end PC’s? Today’s video games are only compatible and you can play them only if you have a high-end processing machine. Therefore, they are not supposed to run on some low-end PC’s or even on decent devices. If you look at the last few months some new video games are coming out and they are only compatible with high-end PCs. A PC with less stuff you can’t run them.

If we look at the past about 2010 where new games were released and can easily playable on even low-end PC’s smoothly without any log. But today’s advanced video games aren’t able to run on low-end computers. Even you can’t lower their settings as well. So in this article, we’re going to talk about this topic that why new games only run on high-end computers? So let’s get straight into our article.

Marketing of the Video Games for High-end Computers

Nowadays, there is a much greater competition of video games in a market. You’ll see a vast variety of similar games on steam and on PS store. That’s why these video games manufacturer have to beat the competitors and survive on the market. Ranking on the top depends on many factors but the important and most significant is depends on graphics and story mode.

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Graphics plays a significant role in the success and failure of any video game. Today most of the pro and casual gamers have high-processing machines. Gamers don’t like to waste their money on buying a video game with potato graphics. Every gamer loves to play a game with possibly high-end graphics. If developers create a lite copy of their video game, it will hurt their market and then everyone will shift to a lite version which will result as a loss or failure.

New Video Games Reviewers

Video Game reviews are the most important source of marketing. They are linked with marketing for example if they upload their review. Then they are somehow promoting that video game. Video Game reviewers like us are the best way to promote any video game. The reviewers can also compare one video game with others in the market. Due to higher competition and big war, the reviewers have to focus on even some minor details.

Why new video games only runs on high end pc

For example, if both games are great but the first one has better shadow rendering then second. Then the reviewer would prefer the first game over the second. That’s why these developers can’t compromise on even some minor details. Otherwise, they will lose in competition.

But why PUBG doesn’t run on this Principle?

If we talk about PUBG, the PUBG has an entirely different concept. From potato to high-end devices they have covered all the PCs. No matters which device you have, you can play this game on every type of device. For example, PUBG PC is available if you’ve got a high-end PC, PUBG PC Lite if you’ve got a low-end PC, PUBG Mobile for high-end smartphones, PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end devices. That’s how they have covered all categories of devices. PUBG developers don’t much focus on graphics.

why pubg is free

The reason behind this is its way of earning. The earning source of PUBG is through in-game purchases. You can buy Royal-Pass or various skins in the PUBG which is a complete source of earning in this game. As most of the versions are free that’s why they don’t focus on graphics. Whereas other video games earn money when you buy it and don’t contain any in-game purchases. Also, PUBG doesn’t have any competition. It is the #1 game worldwide. Whereas others have a tough competition.

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