Why Microsoft Allows us to use Pirated Windows?

Why Microsoft Allows us to use Pirated Windows?


Microsoft is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. This company has introduced its various products, and an essential commodity by which Microsoft is usually famous is Windows. About 80% of people use Windows OS on their PC or laptop. So it isn’t wrong to say that Microsoft Windows is currently ruling on the operating system market. But there’s a big problem that Microsoft is facing is the piracy of their products. Did you know that Windows is the most cracked software in the world? If we talk about ratio so unbelievably, the rate of original to break Windows is 1:9. This ratio means about 9 out of 10 people use cracked or pirated windows. Did you ever notice why Microsoft allows us to use Pirated or Crack Windows? Here is the answer to this big question.

Microsoft Allows us to use Pirated Windows? | Due to Popularity

Yes, Microsoft allows us to use pirated or crack windows. Microsoft is the most prominent IT company in the world. They have the most brilliant engineers in their headquarters, so it is possible to stop cracking or piracy. If they want, they can easily prevent us from using broken Windows. But they don’t.



Microsoft servers also know whether you are using cracked or genuine Windows, and they can easily block you from using windows. The one big reason behind all this strategy is their popularity. Today Windows is known for its reputation and has the biggest share market in the operating system market. If they prevent cracking or piracy, their demand, and popularity will decrease because not everyone can afford genuine Windows.

To Make users Familiar with Windows.

Another big reason for why Microsoft allows us to use pirated or crack Windows is to make you familiar with Windows. I can say that 90% of the people who are reading this article uses Windows on their computers. Right? If someone asks windows users to shift to another operating system like Ubuntu or Kali Linux, then most of us can’t use these OS, or even some of them even don’t know about Linux or Ubuntu OS. We all are familiar with Windows OS and can’t shift to another OS. That’s the strategy of Microsoft. They are forcing us to use Windows even by cracking. As windows are facing loss due to piracy, but they know that one day people will buy genuine windows due to people are use-to to with this OS. Because cracking and using pirated windows is not for a lifetime.

Why microsoft allows us to use pirated windows


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Linearity in Developing Countries

Microsoft allows some developing countries like African and Asian Countries to crack windows. This linearity is because they don’t want to lose the market in these low profile countries. As these are all developing countries, one day, the citizens here will be able to buy Windows, and Microsoft knows that. That’s the reason why they don’t stop piracy because they want to strengthen their market even if they have to break their policy for some limited time.

developing countries

Strong Rules in Developed Countries

As I told you, they know that developing countries can’t afford to buy genuine windows, so they allow these countries to use piracy and use pirated windows because they don’t want to lose the market in these countries.

developed countries

But the same rule doesn’t apply in developed countries. Countries like the USA, China, Canada, Germany, etc. can’t use pirated or crack Windows, and Microsoft doesn’t allow piracy or crack in developed countries because Microsoft knows that these countries are rich and they can afford to buy windows. Unlike in developing countries, you can use pirated or crack versions easily or for even a lifetime without getting in trouble. But, in developed countries, you can’t use Windows without getting an official license.

I hope you will understand that Why Microsoft Allows us to use Pirated or Crack Windows.

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