3 ways to run Android games on Windows PC

Today there are just so many android applications that it becomes hard for you to install all of them on your android device or play your favorite games without running out of storage. Well, there is a fix for all of that and that is tiring running your android game in Windows PC. When you run an android game in Windows PC not only that it becomes easier for you to play your favorite game but also the graphics are far better as compared to playing your game.

Ways to run Android games on Windows PC

There are many ways through which you can run Android games on Windows PC, some of which are mentioned below:

Bluestacks App Player

Now when it comes to running an android application or playing an android game in windows PC then you surely have to use Bluestacks. By using Bluestacks not only that you will be able to enjoy all its features but also completely free. This is one of the best android emulators out there. In order to run Bluestacks, you have to make sure that you download it first. You cannot use it online as it is an android emulator that needs to be installed in your Windows PC.

Bluestacks App Player

Once you get it installed you will be able to enjoy the access to all of your favorite android games on your PC. One of the best features which are associated with using the android emulator Bluestacks is that you will be able to enjoy playing your favorite games on a big screen with full HD graphics.

This is far better when you compare the same on a phone or tablet. Another major benefit is that you can easily have internet access on Bluestacks as well. So you can play online multiplayer games with quiet ease.


Another important way through which you can play your favorite android game in windows PC is through Android-x86. It is an excellent android emulator for Windows PC. There are many options related to running the Android-x86. You can install it if you want to but you can also run it online. It really depends on your choice.

However, when you get it installed it becomes easier for you to access your favorite android apps without any internet connection problem.

Android-x86 to run Android games on Windows PC


The third best way for running android games on Windows PC is by using the Airdroid. This will help you view your favorite android app on a larger screen with better graphics. A very feature ray Airdroid provides its users is that they control their android game through their android device even if they are playing it on the Windows PC. This helps you enjoy re bigger screen view and play your game with ease.


You can also run the Airdroid on Chrome. It depends on your choice. This is one of the biggest reasons why people love using the Airdroid emulator for Windows PC.

Using these three ways will help you run your favorite game on Windows PC with ease.

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