You can now upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update even if you have a USB drive connected to your computer

This has come to create a huge confusion among many users who, when it came time to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update

The new version of Windows 10, we refer to the 1903 or May 2019 Update, it has been a few days between us, so some problems or failures have been reported by users around the world, failures that Microsoft will be solved with the launch of new updates, as is the case at hand.

The truth is that up to now no major errors could be found after the installation of the new version 1903, but as expected, there have been some complaints with some errors, both in the installation and in the start-up. That is why in these lines we are going to talk about the update KB4497935 for Windows 10 that has just been sent to all compatible computers, an update that was launched for the Insiders last week to be tested before being publicly available in the today.

Although there are numerous small problems solved with this update, without a doubt the most noteworthy of all is that which refers to the problems detected with USB drives or SD memory cards to which the drive letter is reassigned during the update. Specifically, we refer, as we already told you at the time, to a problem that caused Microsoft to block all updates to Windows 1903 if we had a USB device or an SD card inserted in the port.

You can now upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 with the USB bus

This has come to create a huge confusion among many users who, when it came time to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update, they saw that the process was blocked, all for something so inconsequential at first, such as having a mobile or the Kindle loading through some USB position of the team. And this block was not only limited to external hard drives or pen drives, but to any connected device, which was somewhat annoying and confusing at the same time.

But this is something that has finally been solved in the new patch KB4497935 that has just been sent taking the operating system to version 18362.145. At the same time, Microsoft is currently fully aware that some games that use previous versions of BattlEye are not compatible with Windows 10 version 1903, so now BattlEye has provided an updated patch for games that are affected.

At the same time, the firm recommends that we make sure that the game is updated with the latest available version, although if the failure persists we can also uninstall BattlEye using “UninstallBE.exe” and then access the title, as well as try to uninstall and reinstall the affected video game.

At the same time, the new patch solves other minor problems detected related to sections such as changes in the language of the system, in Internet Explorer, the night light mode, the games that run in full screen, or failures with the elimination of Bluetooth devices…