If you have not received Fall Creators Update yet, don’t hurry: these may be the reasons

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been with us almost 20 days and many can already test the advantages offered by the autumn update. The compatible equipment has received the notice to update, although there are still many users who have not been able to test the latest update of the Redmond.

We have seen some methods to update without waiting for the warning to arrive at the same time that we have echoed the opinion of Microsoft advising us to wait for our turn to arrive. However, impatience may beat you and you may wonder about why Fall Creators Update has not reached your team. A question that has two possible answers.
The use of your equipment

One of the reasons may be given by the use you give your team and is that if this is within a business environment, updates must pass the filter of the company that manages them.

It should be the person who controls the computer in the company or the department that authorizes the teams included under the same ecosystem, which authorizes the updates to arrive and may not be interested in receiving the latest update due to specific problems of compatibility that can be presented.

The hardware of your team

If your team already has a time in the market it is normal that it takes longer to update because in Microsoft they prioritize in a logical way and first of all that the update reaches the models that have been on the market for less time.

Computers that have a more current hardware and that is, therefore, easier to update by offering more recent drivers and be less susceptible to offer some type of failures. So in Microsoft have input with a series of computers that receive the update that serves as a test base to determine the operation without failures caused by the hardware.

It is a logical decision, because imagine that the update arrives at equipment with older hardware that causes different failures due to these components. Failures that would hinder the work of Microsoft to know the true performance of the update at the same time that it would generate a bad impression for the users.

If in your case you have not yet received Fall Creators Update and you do not dare to do it using the alternative methods you know; You just have to wait and have a little patience until you see the warning on your computer or tablet and it is here that comes another of the questions that many of us ask ourselves. Is it good to update the first day?

Update the first day?

Starting from the basis that it is always advisable to have our team updated with the latest versions released by developers, what is certain is that it is best not to update the first day and thus avoid being a guinea pig in the face of failures that can happen with a version that can be green and have failures.

It is not the first time that the first to update to a new version of an operating system have suffered some type of failure that has significantly damaged the user experience. Even security failures that have sometimes caused the process of release of the update to be interrupted but if you have updated … there is no going back unless we make a downgrade.

We must allow a prudential time, perhaps up to two weeks, to check how the update works on those computers that have already installed it. And in case of finding failures, we give time for the updates to be released to correct them.