sonic mania

Sonic Mania-The Most Played Video Game

sonic mania

Sonic Mania is a best gamed made for the game lovers. The game is based game on a good story that attracts the game lovers and compels them to play. The characters of the story are Sonic the hedgehog and his loyal partner’s knuckles and tails. Sonic Mania is consisting of twelve impressive levels, each with unique features and qualities containing a lot of fun and adventure.

Eight stages out of twelve are the remake of the previous game—the player fight against the nemesis named doctor Eggman. The developers of the game are well known IT expert, and we can see their expertise in the game. There are many reviews of the game; the one common thing in them is the praise for the designing of such an excellent plot. Due to the best features and entertaining content, one million copies of the game quickly sold out that is a success.

sonic mania

Talking about the character of the game, the player has to select three roles to play the games. Each character has his abilities like knuckle is designed for gliding purposes as well as for climbing on the wall with ease. Sonic is capable of performing the drop dash which allows him in the rolling after the after each jump effectively. The expertise of the tails is in the swimming and flying.

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The Unique Features of the Video Game

  • The player can play both as sonic and tail at the same time.
  • Meanwhile, a second player also can hold on the tail and can control him according to his demand.
  • The most exciting feature is the interchanging of the expertise of all three characters that allow the player to play in a better way.
  • The levels of the game are called zones, for example, the green hill zone and eleven more zones of different kinds.
  • The features of all zones are the mixture of both new ideas as well as the content for the past game of sonic mania, so it is an excellent combination of the previous games and latest technology that allow you to enjoy more.
  • The division of the zones takes place in two acts in these acts the player has to lead the characters about all the hurdles and enemies to get complete the level with high score.
  • The player participates in the battle of boss where he faces the chief nemesis Dr Robotink and his army consisting of robots.
  • The collection of gold rings is the requirement that is vital for the health of the player. The rings help the player in survival it keeps the player alive even when there is only one ring.

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Basic Rules

  • Other rings specialized for the high speed fast running jumping and invisibility are also dispersed everywhere in each zone of the game.
  • Hidden giant rings are also present in the zones that are the feature of the past sonic mania game.
  • Dodging of the obstacle is required for the high speed. The counter of the rings must be replenished again to get complete the one-act. The player is only able to cross the checkpoint when there are at least 25 rings.

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  • Completion of the bonus stage gave the player a silver medal or golden medal according to the performance of the player in each zone.
  • In the mode of time attack, the player must finish the zones as soon as possible. Reloading option is also available anytime.
  • Mazing plot of the game with the beautiful creation of the surroundings with many eye-catching colours
  • Sonic utilizes the chaos emeralds to be a supersonic

sonic mania


How to Play Sonic Mania

  • The most important thing is to keep on moving around where you find rings to collect them and to cross the hurdles
  • Use all the features like jumping and flying it is essential for the collection of useful things and to makes more and more score in each act in the zone
  • Prevent yourself from falling in the water it will make you died and causes the score count to below
  • In the chemical, region move fast and collect all the rings by keeping you away from the obstacles that otherwise would make the collection of the rings difficult
  • Do not let the rings to finish it will make you speed slow so to replenish the health and for survival keep on collecting rings
  • Play bonus stage effectively because it will award you at the end of the game according to your performance in the act so try to make it as active as you can
  • Give your level best to get the gold medal




Pros of Sonic Mania

  • There are various Sonics for the thirty bucks
  • The most exciting advantage of the game is the rebalancing of the bosses I the game
  • The model is good enough to play without being bored
  • Excellent plot and a good story
  • The soundtrack and the voices of all characters seem to be real and clear
  • There is no action and thrill, therefore, it suitable game to play by all ages equally
  • The designing of each level is just amazing
  • A variety of options are available for the player
  • Music is a beautiful remix with clear sound and seems reasonable to hear
  • The genius idea and excellent collaboration of the story
  • The format of the game is exciting
  • The game is highly playable due to the perfect designing of the features.



  • The mode of the new life system is too strange.


Final Verdict

sonic mania

That is all about the sonic mania the best game sonic mania. I hope this guide has provided you with enough information about the introduction of the game and all its characters. There are essential tips given in it to play it effectively. Then what are you thinking now? Just stop thinking anymore and play sonic mania you will experience the fun and a little bit of action that is different far away from the action games. I played and completed all the zones. You will have a pleasant experience. Good luck

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