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Shieldwall video game-A funny, third-person game

Are you getting bored and meanwhile searching on the internet to spend free time with full of entertainment. Well, for this purpose there are any games available. These games are action games and funny games; you can play any game of your choice. I recommend you to paly Shieldwall video game. Shieldwall video game is one of the most exciting and entertaining games available on the internet to entertain you in your leisure time and Shieldwall is a funny video game consists of third-person tactile simulation. Shieldwall is designed with many strategic features. This video game makes you feel like you are a squad leader whose responsibility is to lead several people on the battlefield So here is Shieldwall Video Game.

shield wall empire

Unique features of Shieldwall

This funny game is an excellent source of entertainment and is consist of the following features

  • You play as a single player in the Shieldwall, but you are allowed to control the formation of the troops
  • It makes you feel like the real Rome when you pass the campaign rely upon Caesar’s battles
  • The most exciting feature of the game is it allows you to make the different strategies according to your choice in the form of two to four teams
  • It will enable you to control the squad in a much better and fastest way

How to play

First of the go to the global map and choose the battlefield of your choice, there are many options of the battlefield like the battle of the Vosges, battle of Britannia, and the battle of the. Once you have chosen to play the game. There is an empire room for the Soldier in which soldiers stayed before the fight. The primary weapon is the sword, but there is also a lot of options to change the weapons. To hire more soldiers to press the number.


There are some levels of the game. You started from level one as you win the level one then there is up-gradation of the scale, and level two get started. The second level is a little bit difficult than the initial one. After defeating the enemies at the second level, you are allowed to lay the third level. All these levels of the game are exciting.  There is a queen castle where a lot of wealth is accumulated once you have to get entered in the villa you will get money and jewellery and your points will increase quickly.

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Basic Rules of Shieldwall Video Game

The basic rule of playing of shield wall is the formation of two to four teams. The leader of each group has a flag in his hand. Meanwhile, you keep some of the flags in the castle where you can quickly defend the castle.

There are several techniques available to make your troops stronger. You have to set a standard point for the soldiers .standard should be such that it must have experience of battle and there must be room for the new and useful improvements.

To control the squad, you will give your troops commands like charge, follow me, and Testudo if there is a need to remain at the place you will say hold this position. When there is time to attack the enemies, your command of charge will make the Soldier attentive, and they will attack the enemy.

Soldiers almost ten in number in the form of the team go into the jungle, they move here and there and whenever they find another group thy attack on them. Each Soldier holds a sword in his hand to face the enemies. Both teams fight with each other with the help of the sword.

If the opposite team defeats you and you become dead, then there is a need to respawn. To respawn, you have to press the space button.  The Soldier stays in a specific area to prepare them for the fight. Other team attacks on the camp they break the door by attacking the door with the help of the sword to come inside the house. The repairing of the split gate is a task for the Soldier to do to make their defence secure .it takes approximately 100 seconds to get repaired properly.

shield wall

Shieldwall is a funny game based on strange thoughts. There are no harsh enemies and dangerous weapons in it to play with. Small soldiers wearing red costumes, keeping a sword in hand makes them looking active and vigilant for the dangers. There are some tricky secrets like one soldier of your army go to the jungle, and the whole army of the opposite team follow the Soldier to kill him meanwhile they get entered in the area of your army then your remaining Soldier’s attacks on the enemies and fight with them.

Pros of Shieldwall Video Game

Here we are going to discuss the advantages of the Shieldwall game. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is a humorous game and easy to play
  • Children of any age can play Shieldwall
  • Comprises of different levels

Cons of Shieldwall Video Game

  • It is not suitable for the persons who love to play games full of action and thrill

Final verdict

Shieldwall video game is the best source of entertainment as well as adventure. If you want to play the game and also demand humour in it, then you are at the right place the shield wall is the game of your choice. It is the best game for beginners and children too. I am sure this guide is helpful for the beginners who want to play the Shieldwall.

In this guide, we discussed the levels of the game different types of the battlefield then there is a full description of how can you play with some impotent tips. These additional tips will assist you to defeat the enemies and in scoring more points. After reading the guide, if you have made your mind to play the Shieldwall, then believe me!  This review is much helpful for you. It is not for adults but also appropriate for the children too. Play the game and have a lot of fun. You will have a pleasant experience. Good luck.

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