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How to Recover Lost Files

Data is one of the most important things to us in the world and recover your lost files is very tough and complicated. Also, the data consists of all the critical files and all the personal information, which is essential for us. If we looked at the past when people used to write their data on registers and papers and save them physically in files. But as the world progresses, people are now moving from paper to digital data. But as the world progresses, people are now moving to digital data. That’s why I’ve written to how to recover lost files in your PC.

Storing data digitally is secure than physical storage but risky in some manners. If you accidentally deleted your files then there is no way to recover it. meanwhile But thanks to some of this recovery software. These software’s can help you to recover deleted files easily. This article is especially on How to recover lost files in windows.

how to recover lost files

Similarly, Nowadays, people store their relevant and personal data through digital means. For example, Computers, Hard disks, USB’s, SD Cards and Smartphone are the most common examples of storing data digitally. In the digital method, your stored information is in the binary form like in 1 and 0. Therefore your all information is saved in ROM is in the combination between 1 and 0.

When we delete files from our ROM. It shows that your file is deleted but actually it doesn’t delete. The file is still available in your ROM until the new file is replaced with it. That’s how these recovery software work. So let’s get straight into our tutorial of how to recover lost files.

Install your Favourite Recovery Software to recover your lost files

To recover your lost files you must choose your required recovery software. There are a bunch of recovery software which will help you to recover your lost files. My personal favourite is Recuva and it works very well. Recuva allows you to easily recover your lost files in one click. Therefore I suggest you choose Recuva instead of going elsewhere. So go ahead and download Recuva app.

Select your Drive

Now after completing the setup > launch the app. > At homepage select your Disk from where your file has been deleted. As shown in the picture below.


Start Scan

After selecting your disk > Click on the “start scan” option. The Recuva app will do a scan and search for the recently deleted files on your device.

Select your Deleted file and recover them

When the scanning is complete. You will see the all deleted files which can be restored into your PC easily.

Note:- The files which are marked with a green button. Shows that your file can be easily retrieved and is in healthy condition. Whereas the files with red buttons show that files are damaged and may be corrupted. But thankfully the red button occurs very less.

how to recover lost files


Now click on the “Recover” button. > Choose your path where you want to save your deleted file.

recover deleted files

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Done! The file is Recovered!

Now all the things are done and your deleted file is now restored.


Hope you’ll understand this tutorial and please comment if this tutorial helped you. Thanks for reading.


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