Post Scriptum | World War II Action Game

Post scriptum True World War II (WW II) Game

Want` to try a new game to enjoy and experience is right here! Because a marvelous game titled as post scriptum will be discussed here. Post scriptum is an action World War II (WW II) video game that allows you to play both in single mode and multiplayer mode for more enjoyment. Today we’re going to do Post Scriptun Review.

post scriptum review


Features of Post scriptum as review

In the Review we will discuss these features. There are following unique highlights of the game that compels a player to play

  • Various modes of action including offensive mode
  • Formation of the new team according to the choice of the player
  • Well, the collaboration of the teams in fighting against the enemy
  • Highly authentic weapons, with good shots and powerful bullets. You will experience more than seventy good weapons
  • The selection of role is in the hand of the player that is the more enchanting feature of the game
  • The fight is based on logical reasoning and well based on the battlefield
  • The area of the battlefields so large and comfortable for the player
  • For the assistance of the player, there are approximately fifty vehicles
  • Tanks are available for the player to defeat the enemies on the battlefield. The models of the tanks are advanced and well-detailed fir better competence
  • Commander mode is an additional feature
  • There are ten maps to guide the players throughout the game
  • One hundred eighty kilometers square area with unique qualities related to battle.
  • As compared to any other game, it is a more accurate game with proper historical perspective
  • The servers used in the game are well dedicated
  • Single-player mode as well as multiple player modes
  • Good defensive system

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How to play Post Scriptum

The game is based on the story of World War II. In this section, we are going to talk about how can you play the game with a good ending and high point scoring?

Selection of side

Before the playing of the game, choose a side first by making a connection with the server. If you do not create a connection, you will not be able to choose the side in the mid of the game. The selection of side is essential for the section of the regiment

Selection of the section

After that, you will see the map will appear on the screen. The plan will make you able to see the various battlefield action and essential locations of the battlefield .here select your team and then choose the squad and join it with the slot.

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The picking of the loadout is another option that you will use to choose a loadout in the same tab you will choose your role in the game

Spawn location

The selection of the spawn is the final step to complete the task of the starting of the game choose the spawn location from four various types

Modes of the Post scriptum

The most played mode of the game is an offensive mode that is much effective than any other form of the game.

Collection of the flags

Make a good communication between the team squad and your squad master for better progress. The gathering of white flags is essential because once you collected all the standards, then it will increase your strength and your enemy will not be able to take those flags back

Attacking side

In the side of attack do not restrict at one side only just move here and there and fight carefully

post scripton review

Side of defense

Make your defensive position strong along with your team. It will prevent you from the sudden attack by the enemies. , the main focus should be on the finishing of all tickets of the enemies for success

The advance mode

In this mode of the game, the teams will rush fastly for the gathering of flags. The teams’ attacks on the standards of the enemy in a while, to make the ending effective and better. The advance mode is not well organized, like the offensive mode of actions.

Random advance mode

This excellent model is a newly added feature in the game that increase the interest of the player. It helps the teams to defend themselves on the battlefield. It allows the players to experience more advance and more advanced fights with all new techniques. You can adopt many roles in the game, and each part has its specificities and expertise that make you strong. Along with the use of guns you can use rocke6t6 launchers and machine gunners of intense qualities and power

Pros of Post Scriptum

  • The role of the squad commander is one of the unique features that are made to assist the players. The commanders lead the team in a well-organized way to win the battle
  • The abilities of the commander help the team to win the game with good scores
  • The use of vehicles for the fighting is much impotent. Still, after the continuous use, the car becomes out of order, but thanks to the developers, they have made a mechanism to repair the cars for further use.
  • The building of the characters and his protective dress is amazing
  • The plot of the game is brilliant
  • The soundtrack is just marvelous it seems to be real
  • It enables you to learn many beautiful things about the tanks guns and rocket launcher
  • The mechanics and physics of the game is excellent
  • Talking about the reviews of the people about the post scriptum, as it is a good combination of the marvelous features, the review of the game lover is lively nad game Is categorized in the list first-class games. The most exciting thing is even the critics of the game admitted its wonderful creation