Oxygen Not Included Review- Deep Survival Game

Oxygen not included

Oxygen Not Included Review

Oxygen Not Included Review. Have you tired by playing old games gin and again and now, Are you waiting for the release of new games that is full of adventure and fun. So just stop search it because here I am going to tell you about a brand new video game, the content of which is fascinating. Yes, I am talking about the marvelous simulation game titled as oxygen not included. Are you ready to go into the depth, so let’s start to the Oxygen Not Included Review!

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This is the best Oxygen not included review and is designed by Klei entertainment, and it was released in 2019 with the full version. This survival game is based on a fantastic story. There are three duplicate s who find themselves in an asteroid, which are breathable environments containing isolated pockets. The exciting thing is these duplicates do not know how they come in the asteroid.

Story Mode

As the environment of the asteroids o weird and strange, therefore, there must be someone to take care of these duplicates to make them survive. Here come you! The player of the game is responsible for taking care of theses duplicates and managing all the necessities to sustain the survival in the space colony. The player must manage the food and waste of the copies and the maintenance of the level of oxygen at the optimum level for breathing. The game is created by making many worlds. Some of them have sufficient oxygen, while others have no oxygen, and the environment is not suitable for breathing.at the staring of the game, duplicates are exposed to the breathable environment. They lost and reached in the asteroid—the game revitalizing the dispersal of different gases, and when a new compartment is open. Later, in this case, the maintenance of the environment.

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Otherwise, it will cause a decrease in the oxygen level and release of liquid due to the force of gravity. So to make survival possible, the player assigns some tasks to the duplicates. These tasks include the growing of the food to eat, mining for different usable resources, inventions of the new innovative technology, maintenance of their health, and crafting of the equipment. The player does not have any authority to utilize the duplicates directly; instead of this, he can give them prioritized instructions, and copies are responsible for meeting all the orders of the player by relying upon all their capabilities at their level best.

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If the player orders the duplicates to make a wire, the copies will search for the material then built the fence. And if any case the clones could not find the copper for the construction of the wire, then the task will remain imperfect. The clones set on how much good they are in specific tasks. In this way, the skills of the copies get improved as they practiced again and again.

Oxygen Not Included Review – Unique features

  • Amazing story
  • An incredible environment including different worlds with different level of difficulty
  • Great animation with interesting cartoon characters

 How to play oxygen not included survival game

  • To start the game, first of all, you have to select three duplicates. The duplicates are in the form of small and cute cartoon characters. Once you have chosen, then the game will get started
  • The most important task is to keep the copies alive and healthy in any way
  • The player orders the clones to gather equipment to make a machine required for breathing.
  • Then to furnish the house, there is a need for a food processor for this purpose technology is required. Because of this reason, duplicates generate technology.
  • The plot of the game is based on the creation of many worlds randomly some everyday things in these worlds are the few resources.
  • As the game continues, many characters get involved in the game with different abilities. These invading characters are of importance later in the game to keep the people happy and jolly.
  • As the game progress, many problems come into existence with a solution, but solutions are a little bit tricky. oxygen not included effectively engage the person in it

oxygen not included gameplay

Pros of the game

The survival game has many pros that you will experience after playing it. Some of the advantages are given below:

  • In the development of the game, the maker of the game, cleverly skillfully uses many scientific methods.
  • The remarkable idea for the generation of problems and their solution
  • Along with the action and adventure, there is fun also an integral part of the game that d not let you bored.
  • Oxygen not included is a single-person game and is the combination of complex and challenging management
  • The developer impressively generates the surrounding, which is so weird and full of suspicious things.
  • It is one of the games which make you addictive
  • A specific name knows all the characters, but the name of the characters are rechargeable
  • Complex planning of the maintenance of the air gases and fluid in a narrow range
  • The map is designed in an orderly way to lead the player effectively in all worlds
  • Full of adventure with difficult and hart to meet challenges at every time in every world


  • The game is challenging and is at its extreme level, and the technology trees are limited
  • The personality of the colonist is not too impressive

Final verdict

Oxygen not included is named so because there is no oxygen in the space where the three trapped duplicates survive by doing so many tasks to meet the order of the player effectively, and payer helps s them to live alive in the odd environment. So if you do not take much interest in the horrible and action games that are dangerous and terrifying, then oxygen not include is the best game to play. By playing this game, you will learn many new ways to solve the problems. You will enjoy many wonderful worlds of versatile features with many resources in them. So do not wait any more just game and completed all the levels along with getting experience of many things. You will also enjoy it a lot.

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