Samsung bets on Windows 10 to dethrone Oculus Rift and HTC Live with its new Virtual Reality helmet

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality … whatever the term is used, it is clear that this is one of the objectives that many companies are going to set for this 2018 which has not so much to reach. The big industry, see, Google, Apple, HTC, Lenovo and of course, Microsoft, are already working on it.

New products and new applications that in the case of Redmond have a key date. On October 17, when we will see the big fall update, Fall Creators Update. But it will not come alone and is that with it we will see the first devices of Microsoft partners to fight for the throne of Virtual Reality. A few launches between which we will surely see the Samsung HMD Odyssey helmet.

And is that when there are still almost two weeks to the Microsoft event, the Korean company has announced at a press event in San Francisco a Virtual Reality helmet compatible with Windows Mixed Reality. It’s the Samsung HMD Odyssey helmet.

As for specifications, note that the Samsung HMD Odyssey integrates two 3.5-inch AMOLED screens each, it incorporates a microphone to interact with Cortana through voice instructions and does not need sensors in the room for movements.


The Samsung HMD Odyssey helmet offers a field of view of 110 degrees with a resolution of 1440 × 1600 pixels in each of the two screens and that improvements to the 1440 x 1440 of the Oculus Rift or 1080 x 1200 of the HTC Vive.

In this way it surpasses in resolution and image quality to the Oculus Rift, something that is also aided by the frequency of refreshment that they offer and that arrives until the 90Hz or added like the Regulation of Interpupillary Distance (IPD) with which the search improve the experience in the vision and that yes incorporate the HTC Vive.

And if the image has sought quality, it is no less sound, because Samsung has partnered with the Austrian manufacturer AKG, company that has been in charge of integrating the audio system in the helmet and that is already offering their headphones in the latest Samsung high-end phones.

Price and availability

The Samsung HMD Odyssey helmet and motion controllers will hit the market in early November at a price close to $ 500 (499), although it can already be booked in the United States from the Microsoft Store.