Can Edge be an alternative to Chrome? Your arrival on iOS and Android may indicate that Redmond does think

We have talked on several occasions about the role that Microsoft plays with Edge, its browser, which came to replace the mythical Internet Explorer. A role in a movie in which the star is Google Chrome and which in turn is very well supported by Mozilla Firefox.

Edge is third in contention

And the task of getting to the top is not easy. Although the path they have started is good, in the Microsoft Edge must still find important aspects to solve as is the case of the shortage of extensions that allow it to be a real alternative to Chrome and Firefox. This point, however, does not seem to cloud the look of Microsoft who wants to storm the browsers throne.

And what is the least way to do it? Expand. And do it beyond the Windows ecosystem. And no, we are not going to see Edge on a Mac, but if for example, we could see it on an iOS device or an Android device, something that we advance in late 2016 And is that given that smartphones are the most used device today, having a good presence in this segment can cause the number of users to be inflated .


This makes possible a remarkable growth and everything in a simple way since it does not need complicated tools so that the developments, in this case, Edge, are compatible with iOS and Android. Just use the Project Rome SDK so that the adaptation is done natively.

So, for example, if we are looking at a specific website on the mobile, we can continue to do the same on the Windows 10 computer. And who says surfing, says managing passwords or visiting history. In short, jump from the phone to the computer without knowing. The same thing we can do now with Chrome or Firefox.

Apparently, the goal of Microsoft is to make this release before the end of the year and thus add another product to these platforms in which we remember the Office Suite, Bing, Skype …

The battle in this sense would be served if this arrival materialized. Chrome would have a tough competitor but Microsoft would still have a lot of work to do if they want their browser to be a real alternative.

If so, would you consider using Edge on iOS or Android? And on the other hand, on your PC do you use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome?