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how to make partition
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how to make partition

How To Make Partition in windows 10 of your Hard Disk

In this article, I will show you how to make partition in windows 10 easily in windows. If you commonly use windows on a single hard disk. Also, if you save your all personal and work data on a C drive then you should know that all the data will be lost as soon as your windows will corrupt or your windows don’t start again. In this case, saving your data especially important stuff is very risky. You don’t have any security when storing data on drive C because no one will guarantee that your windows will never be blocked or corrupted.

So it is better to store all your data on a second drive. This is because if you save your data on a secondary drive it will never be lost or corrupted even if your windows corrupted or deleted. Now you have two options, you can buy a new hard disk or you can make the partition of your current C drive easily and it works similarly as a secondary hard disk. In this article, I will show you how to make the partition of your hard disk.

Open Computer Management

For making the partition first you have to open the Computer Management app on your windows. Just type “Computer Management” in the search option of your Task Manager.

Computer Management

Click on Disk Management

After opening the computer management app go to “Disk Management”

disk management


Click on the Disk you want to make Partition

Now click on your required hard disk you want to split. Usually, it will be Disk C. Now just right-click on it and select “extend volume”

dsik management

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Select your New Disk Space

After selecting “extend volume”. > A new window will appear. > At the bottom option you will see “Select the amount of space in MB”. This will be your new disk space and your new disk space will be adjusted from your old hard disk. For example, if you set 10 GB of your new partition then 10 GB of space will be reduced from the old disk.

disk management

Complete Wizard

In this window, it will show your new partition size. Just click on Finish.

wizard of your new partition

Right Click on your New Partition

Now you will see your new partition highlighted with black and named as “unallocated”. This is because your new partition is still not ready to use. Right-click on your new partition on select “New Simple Volume”.

new partition

Complete the Wizard

Now just click on next. In the end, you will see a window from which you can change the name of your new partition shown as the “volume label”. You can edit it and will be your new partition name. It isn’t compulsory to do at the beginning, you can change it later as well.

name your disk of partition

That’s it! You are ready to go!

Now your new hard disk is successfully created! You can store any data on it and no matters whether your Windows corrupted or crash the data in your new disk will always be protected.

For more info visit official site of Microsoft


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