How to Zip a File in Windows Easily?

how to compress a file

Zipping a File or Folder is very useful in many ways. Especially when you need to send a whole folder to your friend or others through email, WhatsApp, and other services. It helps to protect your files from being corrupted or lost. Also, it prevents the contents of the data from being compressed. Like if you send single or multiple photos or videos to others. Then the Whatsapp will reduce the quality of the image to increase the transfer rate. As a result, the receiver will get a compressed and low-quality image or video and doesn’t receive the original quality image. In this case, sending through .zip file will help you to prevent data loss and the sender will receive the actual file quality. So below is step-by-step how to zip a file easily on windows.

How to Zip a File? First download WinRAR?

WinRAR is the best file compression and extraction tool used by most of the people on PC. This is because it has a large variety of advanced tools that requires extraction and compression which others will not provide. Like Dictionary size and Compression Level which most of the apps will not offer.


So if you want to make a zip it is better to use the WinRAR app. Just download the app from their official website. The app is totally free and small in size but very powerful in working. Its setup guide is much simpler so I will not be going to talk on this you can easily install the app on your PC. After you install the app open and set it as a default by going to settings > apps > change the default apps.

Download WinRAR

Select Your File or Folder to Compress

After you have set up the app and ready to go. Now select your file or folder you want to compress.

file manager

Click on Add to Archive

After you select your required right-click on your folder and select “Add to archive”


Select .Zip from the menu to Zip a file

When you click on the “Add to Archive” option you will see another window from which you have to select your required compression format which is usually .zip and .rar. It is better to select zip format because it can be opened by any normal default browser whereas rat format compressed files can’t be opened without any file archiver.

zip format in winrar

Select your Compression Method

After selecting your format, you can choose your required Compression Method which is for advanced people. It is the ratio used by the compression algorithm. The higher you select the ratio the more it secures your file from corruption but it takes more time to compress and extract. By lowering the size it reduces the quality of the file and makes it faster to compress and extract.


Enter Password for your Zipped file

You can enter the password of your zipped file to protect it from hackers. It will use 64-bit secure encryption to make it secured. After setting a password then no one can access your file without entering the correct password.


That’s it. Click on OK

Now just click on the OK button and everything is ready to go. Your file will start compressing and will be ready in .zip format depending on the file size and on your PC hardware. Hope you will understand today’s article. Thanks for reading.

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