How to Reinstall Windows 10 | Do a Fresh Start!

how to reinstall windows 10

How to Reinstall Windows 10 without the Bloatware

If you want to restore your PC to the factory settings then you can choose the “Reset your PC” option. This will help give you a fresh start. This will help you get a clean Windows system. With Microsoft’s new tool you will be able to perform full Windows reinstallation to get a completely secure Windows system and this tutorial is about How to reinstall Windows 10.

The “Reset this PC” feature restores the default settings on your PC. If you install Windows by yourself then you will be able to have clean Windows with the help of these settings. But like most people you probably didn’t install Windows by yourself. You bought the computer and the Windows was already installed. In such cases when you Reset the PC it leads to factory reset. This includes all the software’s that the manufacturer has initially installed in your PC. This included bloatware as well. If you want to get rid of bloatware you will have to create a USB drive and then install then Windows 10 by yourself.

windows 10 startup

A fresh start on the Creators Update

If you want to do a fresh start on your Windows 10 then go to the Start menu and launch the “Windows Defender Security Center” application.  For this, you can also go to the settings and then click on “Update and Security”. This will lead to recovery and then click on “Learn how to start fresh witty a clean installation of Windows” link to access the screen.

This window will tell you everything that will happen. After this Windows 10 will be reinstalled and updated to the latest version. You will be able to keep your personal files and some personal Windows settings but the other stuff will be removed from your computer. Therefore it is always better to have a good back up for your computer.

After that click on “Get started” to start the installation process. You can begin with a fresh start.

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Reinstall Windows 10 without Bloatware

You will be able to reinstall Windows 10 without Bloatware. It is possible even if you haven’t upgraded to the Creators update. But for the best installation, Microsoft recommends using the Creators Update as the best option.

In order to start the processes go to the settings from the start menu. From there go to the Update and security and then click on Recovery.

On scrolling down, you will see the “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows” link. Click on it for more recovery options.

how to reinstall windows 10

The link will take you to the “Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10” page. This page will provide you additional information regarding the installation process. Click on the “Download tool now” option that is available at the bottom of the page. This will help you download the latest version of Windows.

Now click on “Start” and the tool will automatically download the Windows 10 installation file which is 3 GB in size. This will start the installation of Windows 10 without Bloatware.

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