How to Play Games with Controller in Windows?

how to play games with controller
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how to play games with controller

How to Play Games with Controller?

Playing games like action and racing with normal keyboard buttons makes you tired. normally. If want a change or if you are planning to shift your gameplay then read this How to Play Games with Controller. Also, you want to play games like a pro, or do you want to feel console experience on your PC. Then you can use any third-party gaming controllers which will help you to play games on windows. Through the controller and you can feel just like you’re playing on a console (if your PC supports that game).

Why you need to shift to a controller?

According to my personal Experience shifting to the controller from the keyboard and mouse is useful in some situations and not good in some cases as well. Playing games on the controller like Racing category which includes NFS (All series), Forza Horizon (all series), Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and etc. are much easier to play in the controller as compared to playing on Keyboard and mouse. But it is not that useful in all categories.

Because Action games like which includes shooting fighting or aiming aren’t good with a controller. If you play action games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Past Cure, Witcher III and etc. Then you will face many difficulties in these types of games. Because the biggest problem in the controller is aiming. You can’t aim perfectly as compared to Mouse especially in games like PUBG and Fortnite where you need the best aiming machine. But if you want to use a controller to play other types of games like role-playing and racing then this device will give you excellent output. The choice is yours. So below is the tutorial about How to Play Games with Controller in PC.

How to Play Games with Controller Using x360ce Emulator?

Windows 10 and Windows 7 default support only Xbox 360 controller. It allows you to only use the Xbox 360 controller in order to play games on your PC with a controller. Now the question is that how could you use other third-party cheap Chinese controllers? The answer is by using the Xbox 360 emulator. This will make your computer feel like you are using the Xbox 360 controller.

x360ce main menu

First, download the setup of x360ce from their official website. I just downloaded and run. It’s not that easy to setup. Its a bit complicated to set up but I’m here for you. After downloading the file you don’t need to run it > Copy the downloaded .exe file and paste it on your game folder where the launcher of the game is located > Now you must run x360ce as an administrator. Without doing it it will not work > Connect your controller.

dll issues

When you first time opens the app you will see this type of screen which shows some missing .DLL files. You don’t have to worry about it. Click on the create button and it will start downloading the required file of your controller (requires internet connection).

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Green Icon


green icon in x360ce

After downloading all the required files it will show you the green box on the top left menu which shows that your controller is working properly. > Now press any button of your controller and you will see that pressed button on the app’s controller. (If it’s showing the wrong button you can easily change it accordingly).

Now close the app and run your required game and Boom! your game will now support that controller and you can feel the console experience on your PC. If your controller is still not working then select your controller by going to game settings > controller and change the controller from keyboard to controller. That’s it I hope it will solve your problem and you can enjoy your games with a controller.

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