How to perform a Computer Ping Without any Software

How to perform a Computer Ping

A ping sends signals from one computer to another to troubleshoot internet network connections. This method helps determine whether the client can communicate with another device across the network. When the network communication is developed successfully. The computer ping test will evaluate the latency (delay) in the connection between the two devices. Please read this complete tutorial on how to perform computer ping easily.

how to ping your computer

The internet control message protocol uses Ping. This Ping helps generate requests and responses. When you start an extended test, it sends ICMP messages from the local device to the remote one. The receiving device will get the information and respond accordingly. Ping time is the time between sending the request and receiving the response on the local device. So today we’re going to see how to perform a computer ping without any software.

How to use Ping without any Software

You can use the Windows Command prompt or the ping command in the Windows PowerShell or any Linux tool. Once you get to the actual charge, it will work the same for all the tools, in windows press Windows+R. Now type “cmd” in the search box and then click “Enter.”

Now at the prompt type ping with the given URL. After you have typed, the given IP address hit enter. You will get a response, and this response will show the specific URL that you are pinging. This method will also indicate the IP address that is associated with that URL. On the reaction, the next four lines show the response of the individual packet.

Computer Ping

At the bottom, a summary will show up. This page will tell you the number of packets that were sent and received. Suppose the ping device doesn’t get any response. It will still let you know that it siding get the response. This is how to use the Ping at its most basic level. There are some advanced ways of using Ping as well. This method helps you make additional changes. For example, you can keep pinching a location unless you stop the command. You can ping it multiple times. It is useful if you are doing an extreme type of troubleshooting. You can also check how to use ping command for more information.

What to do with Ping? 

It is interesting to know what exactly can a person do with Ping. You can ping a URL or an IP address to see if you can reach the internet destination. Pinging a URL will help give you a successful response. You will also be able to see all the network devices between you and the destination.

You can also ping a URL if you want to remove an IP issue. It is proven to be very helpful. Many people have benefited from it.

You can perform ping tests using the internet control message protocol or ICMP. When you start a ping test, it will send the ICMP messages from the local device to the remote end. The receiving device will recognize the incoming messages as ICMP. You will get a reply accordingly.

You can also calculate the type between sending the request and receiving the reply, not the local device. This error is termed as ping time. Therefore it is very beneficial to use Ping if you know how to use it perfectly.

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