How to Open WordPerfect in Microsoft Word

How to open WordPerfect in Windows 10

There is much software that is available which helps manage the files and documents on the computer like WordPerfect. With the help of this software, you will be able to secure important files. If you are a student you will often find this issue of conversion of WordPerfect documents as you won’t know how to do that properly. It can often be very frustrating. WordPerfect is your solution. Today we’re gonna talk about to how to open WordPerfect in Microsoft word.

how to open word perfect

But there are many people who prefer using the WordPerfect because of its amazing benefits for the PC. One of the amazing benefits associated with the WordPerfect software is that it helps sort all types of documents. All the documents will be saved.WPD Extension. There are many ways through which you can open WordPerfect in Windows 10 which are mentioned as follows:

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Convert .WPD to. Doc which is WordPerfect in Microsoft Word

• For the conversion of.WPD, to.Doc opens up the folder which contains all the files that are saved as.WPD files m.

• After that right-click on the file that you need to open

• Now click on “rename” that you will find in the menu

• Once you get in the file’s menu you must remove the.WPD from the file.

• Now enter .doc at the end of each file.

• Now choose Microsoft Word and transport the WordPerfect file to it.

Select all files format

This is another method for opening WordPerfect on Windows 10

how to open wordperfect in microsoft word
• The first step is to start MS word or Microsoft word in Windows 10

• On the left side of the screen, you will find the “open” button.

• Next click on the disk location where you want to transport your files

• After that select all the files that you want to transport

• Choose .WPD file and open it.

• Once you see the file in Microsoft word click on it and then press Ctrl + S.

• Now enter the file name.

• Click on the Save button

Change the default word

• Go to the location where the files are saved

• Once you find the .WPD file, right-click on it and take the cursor to the “open with”

• From there choose another application

• You will see a list in which you’ll find Microsoft word. Click on MS word.

• Now click on the square present on the left side of “always use this app to open files” to enter a tick mark

• After making these changes click ok.

Secondary Method to open WordPerfect in Microsoft Word

wordperfect for windows
If you still want to use another method for successfully opening the file in word then you must change the set up in your computer which will help save files as .WPD in word automatically. You won’t have to transfer these files all the time between different applications. This will help provide you with options to re-edit your files if you want to and save them as WordPerfect files. You can also do further edits that are not available when you choose other applications. As it is very time consuming to always open up the word and rename the files therefore following this method will be very beneficial for you. Hope it will help you to how to open WordPerfect in Microsoft Word

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