How to Open the Registry Editor in Windows

Microsoft is known for improving Windows performance through updated versions of Windows that are released every year. Windows registry editor is a very productive tool that helps perform many of the Windows operating systems. Whenever you install a new application some of its information is transferred to the Registry file. By going through this article you will be able to edit your Windows 10 registry file. You will find it in all the versions is Windows. It contains all the necessary Registry keys and values that help from the entire Windows registry.  So let’s get straight into our tutorial on How to Open the Registry Editor in windows

how to open registory editor

Open the Registry Editor in Windows 10

There are many ways through which you can open Registry Editor in Windows 10. You can use the following methods:

• Open it through Windows search box

• Form a shortcut on the desktop

• Use keyboard shortcut for Registry Editor

• Prefer using PowerShell or Command prompt

• Open the editor with Run prompt

• Open Registry Editor with context menu

Open Registry Editor through Windows search box 

• Most of the users prefer opening the Registry Editor through the Windows search box. For this click on the “start” button that will help you open the Windows Start menu.

• In the menu type “Registry”.

5 Ways to Turn on Registry Editor in Windows 10

• You will see the “Registry Editor” application on the screen.

• Now press open to open the app.

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Form a shortcut on the desktop 

Another method for opening Registry Editor in Windows 10 is by using desktop shortcuts. In order to create desktop shortcuts follow the following steps:

• Click on the Run prompt

• Go to the local disk C

• There you will the “Registry Editor” program. Once you find the program click Enter.

• Right-click on the program and then create the shortcut

• The program will open the once you double click on it.

Use Keyboard shortcut

If you want to create Keyboard shortcuts for Registry Editor then you don’t have to worry about it because it is a very easy process. It is very easy to open Registry Editor in Windows 10 through keyboard shortcuts.

• From the Registry Editor shortcut on Desktop.

• By right-clicking on it you will get the details of its properties.

• Now click on the text field in the Shortcut key area. Now assign a specific sequence to the shortcut by pressing any ransom key.

• Make sure to press CTRL+Alt with any key that you choose

Prefer using Command prompt 

• You will find Command prompt in the Windows 10 menu.

• Type “Registry Editor” and then click “Enter”

Open Registry Editor using Run prompt

This is the easiest method in Windows 10

• Click “WIN+R” to open the Run prompt.

• Type “Regedit” and then click “Enter”

• You will see UAC prompt

• After clicking “Yes” you will be able to launch the Registry Editor program.

registry editor

Using the Context menu 

• You will see the context menu in the desktop

• This is how you will be able to open Registry Editor.

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