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how to migrate your files to another windows
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How To Migrate Your Profile On Another Windows?

how to migrate your files to another windows

When it comes to migrating your profiles from Windows 10 the process can be a little challenging. This is because Microsoft has removed the easy transfer way. But this doesn’t mean that there are not any ways of transferring profiles to different Windows 10 PC. You can move files manually So here is the tutorial of How To Migrate Your Profile On Another Windows.

migrate your profile to another pc

When the Microsoft ways transfer was available it was easy for people to transfer their profiles and use them on different Windows 10 PC. This was specially released for Windows 7,8,8.1. It was a good free option to bring your settings and local user profile from a previous Windows computer. After the release of Windows 10, no such easy transfer systems were released by Microsoft which made it hard for users to transfer their profiles.

Best way to migrate a Windows user profile

There are many ways through which you can migrate a Windows user profile. There are a few reliable options that help you move your account. This can also help you convert your local account into a Microsoft account. You can do this by using free software like Transwiz. Each of these software has its own benefits and downsides.

If you want to convert your local account into a Microsoft account then you don’t have to worry about anything because the process is very simple and easy to follow. For this, you will not have to download external software. But it will not move files that are not present in the OneDrive.

Transwiz is a free and easy to use software that will allow you to transfer a single profile account from one device to another. If you are someone who has multiple profiles then you will have to spend some extra time to export each profile individually. It can’t transfer all the profiles all at once. Other than that this software won’t be able to transfer the profile that you are signed in to.

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Use a Microsoft account to transfer files

Click on the start button then go the settings gear. Choose the accounts followed by the “Sign in with Microsoft account”. Now connect the hard drive and go to the settings. Go to update and security> backup> select “add a drive”. This will add the external hard drive.

After this Windows will start making the backup automatically. This backup includes the desktop, documents, downloads, photos, music, videos, etc.

In your most recent backup, you can easily choose the folders that you want to restore. After that click the green button.

Download TransWiz

TransWiz is a very good way through which you can transfer profiles. You will still need to move some files manually. First, download and install TransWiz. Make sure that you have it. A profile with admin rights.

trans wiz

Start TransWiz and choose the “I want to transfer data to another computer” and then click “Next”. Now choose the profile that you want to switch and then click next.

TransWiz will move the user profiles to the other device. For interesting info check How to optimize USB for better performance on Windows 10

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