How to Measure the Speed of USB Flash Drive

USB and Hard disks are the most common and popular means of carrying and storing our personal data. Whereas USB is more compact and light-weight than Hard disk. But hard disks commonly have a larger size and faster in speed due as compared to Flash drives. When it comes to purchasing a new USB Flash drive the most important thing that matters in USB’s is their speed. The higher the speed USB contains, the more it’s better quality. That’s why I’ve written this tutorial on how to measure the speed of USB and even Hard disks as well.

how to measure the speed of usb

You can check the Speed of USB by copying a file of some 100 or 1000 MB and measure the time until the file completely finished. But it’s very complicated and will not give you accurate results. It’s better to use some software’s which are specifically designed to accurately measure the speed of USBs and Hard disks. So let’s get straight into our tutorial on How to measure the speed of USB Flash drive and hard disks.

Download “HD Tune” app to Measure the speed of USB

First thing you need, is to download the app which can test your medium’s speed. By default, Windows doesn’t contain any feature from which you can check the speed of your storage device. That’s why we are using these 3rd party apps. HD Tune is the best app if you want to measure the speed of your USBĀ  or any other external device. It works in a very simple manner. So go ahead and download the app from their official website.



Run the Application and Start the Speed Test

After installing the app. Now run the application. At the homepage, you will see multiple options. > Select your USB Drive or external disk from the top menu as shown in the pic.

how to measure the speed of usb drive

Meanwhile, click on the “Start” button to start the speed test as shown in the pic.

hd tune

After starting the test, it will show you the real-time minimum and maximum speed of your selected medium disk.

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measure the speed of usb

Also, in the centre, it will show you the graph which is basically the trend of speed. So that you can understand the changes in the speed of your selected medium.

That’s it! Hope you’ll understand this tutorial and it helped you to measure the speed of your USB or any other storage device. Thanks for reading!


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