How to Install Windows on a Chromebook

How to Install Windows on a Chromebook

how to install windows on chromebook

Chromebooks do not support Windows. It is not normal to install Windows on Chromebook. But there are many ways that you can follow to install Windows on Chromebook. Well, the process can be a bit complicated. You will have to install a replacement BIOS for your Chromebook. It is a modern replacement for the traditional version. So let’s get started on how to install windows on a Chromebook

The replacement BIOS can be easily installed on the Chromebook models. You will be able to do this on all the models of Chromebook. For this, you will have to see additional hardware as well. You will also require a USB keyboard and mouse for the installation of Windows. This is because your Chromebook keyboard and mouse will not work for this installer. You just need a computer running on Windows to create the USB installation for Chromebook.

how to install windows on chromebook

and you should only install Windows on a Chromebook if the model is supported. It is also advised slowing the instructions for the specific model of Chromebook. If your Chromebook suppers Windows then you are good to go.

Remove the write-protect screw to install windows on Chromebook

There is a special hardware feature in the Chromebook that prevents you from modifying the BIOS. If you want to disable the write protection screw you will have to replace the BIOS on the Chromebook. Open the Chromebook and locate the write protection screw on the motherboard. On some of the Chromebook, you will see the write protection switch.

write protected switch

Turn off the Chromebook and perform a full shut down. Fillip the Chromebook and unscrew the bottom to access the motherboard. Remove the plastic panel. Now locate the write-protect screw or the write-protect switch.

Enable developer mode

Now you have to enable the developer mode. You can do this by pressing Esc+Refresh+Power while the Chromebook is powered off. Now the Chromebook will boot up. You will get the message “Chrome OS is missing or damaged”. Now press Ctrl+D and then click Enter to “turn OS verification OFF”.

How to enable Developer Mode in Windows 10 to sideload apps ...

This will enable developer mode. The chrome book will remove your personal data. This will switch to default settings. You can also check How to reinstall Windows 10 without Bloatware for some interesting info!


Now you will be able to flags the new BIOS on your Chromebook. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal window. Now type “shell” in the terminal. After that press “Enter”. This will allow you to access the most powerful Linux. Now download and run the script.

Create a Windows installation drive

Now you have to create a Windows installation drive.  You have to install the Windows 10 installation media first. Click the “Download tool now”. You’ll need to download and run the Rufus. This will help you create the Windows installer USB drive.

Launch Rufus and select your USB drive.

Install Windows on Chromebook

Now plug the USB drive into the Chromebook and turn on the Chromebook. This will automatically boot from the USB drive. You can select the boot manager and then choose your USB devices. Now connect a USB mouse and keyboard and you will be able to install Windows on Chromebook. This will really benefit you.

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