How to Install Custom Fonts In The Apps

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How To Install Custom Fonts

how to install custom fonts

If you are working as a content writer, graphic designer, or if it involves creating slides or documents. An essential element in all this is the fonts. They can help you improve your report or graphic design and make them attractive to people. You can use multiple fonts because, by default, windows come with over 100 default font styles. Therefore, you have a great variety to select from your favorite. By choosing the right font will give your material an impressive and attractive look, so if you don’t know how to install custom fonts from the internet, then this article is just for you.

As these fonts are limited so, you can’t explore more, and sometimes it happens that you can’t find your favorite font or you can’t find the relative font to put in your material. But thanks to Windows. The windows OS is an open-source project so that you can change anything in your windows. Just like that, you can add custom fonts in your windows and use them on any software. You can use custom font universally without any problem or crashing. So let’s start our tutorial of how to install custom fonts in windows.

Install Custom Fonts – Search For Your Favourite Source

First, you must download your fonts from the web. You can Google it, but I use to find amazing fonts for creating thumbnails in Photoshop. Also, I recommend this site because its design is straightforward. The best thing about this site is that it does not contain any type of ads. So you can enjoy a full premium subscription experience, the download is also elementary. So go ahead and download your favorite.

101 fonts


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Extract Your Font

After you have downloaded your font. Now extract it from a compressed file. You can use the default Windows extraction tool or you can use WinRAR (Recommended). Just open the archive and search for .ttf file which will is your font file. You just only need .ttf file other files are useless and you can delete them.

.ttf file of font

Open Fonts Menu

After you have extracted your file. Simply open the control panel by typing the control panel on the search box in the taskbar or by manually opening. > Type “fonts” in the search box on the top right corner. > Click on Fonts and a new window menu will open.



Drag and Drop Your File

After going all these steps now drag your .ttf file and drop it on the current control panel. Just like shown in the pic.

how to install custom fonts

All Done! Just Preview your  Installed custom Fonts

Now all the things are done and you’re ready to use your new fonts on any software like Photoshop, Office and etc. Just scroll and find your installed file and you can even preview it easily.

how to install custom fonts

I hope you will understand how to install custom fonts in your windows in this tutorial. Thanks for reading!


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