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Android OS

Android is one of the most popular and universally used operating systems which is available for smartphones. Most of the Flagship companies, for example, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, etc. use Android in their devices. Also, did you know that approximately 90% of smartphone companies use Android OS on their smartphones? Google LLC has developed and managed this excellent os for smartphones. However, Android has the biggest share market in smartphone OS competition; for instance, every 9 out of 10 devices runs on Android OS. So if you are searching for How to Install Android on PC, then this article will help you.

how to install android os

Moreover, It has caught people’s attention because it”s easy to use and minimal design. Nowadays, people will not accept any other os on their smartphones. That’s why manufacturers don’t make any other OS for smartphones. These days smartphones are getting enough power that they can beat PCs in some conditions as well. You can even control your whole business with just a smartphone.

Why install Android OS on PC?

Even some productive apps are only available for Android. For example, WhatsApp and PUBG Mobile are only available for Android. You can’t use these apps on windows. I don’t know why WhatsApp is available for windows. In conclusion, the smartphone is essential for us to then PC. Our PC can run different operating systems in it. So if you don’t have access to an android device or want to run Android on your PC? You have reached the right place. I will show you How to Install Android on PC without the emulator. So let’s get started.

How to Install Android on PC | Choose your OS

Yes, you can install a complete Android OS on your PC, just like Windows. Android is much lighter than Windows, which means you will feel more power and less load on your hardware. Using Android OS is way better than running an emulator. This lag is because when you run an emulator, on the other hand. Your device executes two operating systems at a time. Therefore you will feel less power and more lag. In short, it’s better to use a whole Android OS instead of using the emulator.
How to Install Android on PC Without any Emulator

Firstly you should choose which Android OS you want to use. There is a bunch of variety to choose from. My personal best is Remix OS. It is entirely free and easy to use OS based on Android 6.0. You can download the Remix OS from here meanwhile If you get confused about which one you have to download. I recommend you download the first one, which is 64-bit EFI/legacy.

Open the Launcher

After you have download the zipped file,> Extract the archive > Open the extracted folder. > After that, a new window will open as shown in the pic.



Select ISO File

After that, you have opened the folder. You will see .exe file inside the Remix OS folder. > Open that executable file > Click on the browse button. > Select the.ISO file, which will be available in the same folder. > Click on OK.

how to install remix os


Installation will Start

After selecting your.ISO file of OS >, click on OK. > It will ask you to choose the storage of your OS. You have to choose from 2 options. 8 GB means you will get a total internal space of 8 GB. Other remaining areas will be displayed in the SD card form.

How to Install Android on PC Without any Emulator

Meanwhile, the installation will start running on your PC. It will take some time to complete the lighting depending on your PC performance.

installing android

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Restart your PC

After installation, restart your PC. > At the booting stage, it will ask you to choose your OS to boot in. > Select Remix OS from the menu, and your remaining installation will start.

dual boot

Wait for Setup

After that, you will see a CMD window, as shown in the pic. > It will take some time to finish, but it happens only one time.

install android os

How to Install the Android OS on PC Without any Emulator | Done!

Meanwhile, your Remix OS will boot up, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple.

How to Install Android on PC Without any Emulator

I hope you will understand this tutorial that How to Install Android on PC Without any Emulator. Please comment to appreciate me.  Thanks for spending your time here!



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