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How to Hide your Files in Windows

If you use your PC with others, then you must know about privacy issues. You have no privacy of yourself when you share a PC with others. This issue is caused because other users can view all the files and history of your work, and you don’t know how to hide files. No matter what type of work you do on your PC but privacy is always privacy. Everyone loves their separation. Solitude allows us to create limits with others. It prevents us from the unwanted interface, and we can live freely without any distortion caused by others.

how to hide files

So there are multiple problems in shared PC, especially when we talk about some relevant documents, videos, and images. I suggest you hide some of your essential files from others. Hiding your record can be for various reasons, like to protect them from accidentally deleted by others or to protect them from being hacked. Also, if you know what I mean. But some people don’t know how to hide files on your PC. It is effortless and fast. So I’ve written this little tutorial for you on how to hide files in your PC easily.


Select your File or Folder you want to Hide

First of all, open your file manager in windows and find your folder or file you want to hide. You can hide almost every type of file or folder on your PC easily. > Right-click on your required file, as shown in the pic.

Go to Properties to Hide your files

Now right-click on your file, and at the end of the bar, you will see the properties option. > Click on properties, as shown in the pic.

how to hide your file

Click on “Hidden” Checkbox to apply Hide

Now, after clicking on properties, a new window will appear. At the bottom of this window, you will see a checkbox named “Hidden.” > Click on it to hide your file.

hide items

Click on Apply to hide the files

After these, all steps just click on “Apply” at the extreme bottom left corner and Boom! Now you have made your file hidden. Now Everything is done, and no one can see your file or folder.

hidden files

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View your Hidden Files

Now, if you want to view your hidden files? It’s also more straightforward, as well. Just click on the view button at the top menu bar.

view button

Mark the “Hidden Items” to remove Hide

Now just click mark the “Hidden Item” checkbox on the placed on the 3rd last menu in the drop-down menu. After that, you will see your hidden files. You can unhide the file or folder by reversing the same step again.

hidden items

Upgrade to Windows 10

I hope you will understand this tutorial. Thanks for reading!

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