How to fix sound issues in Windows 10

It is a very common problem that people face whenever they are updating their Windows and that is the sound issue associated with Windows 10. This often becomes hard to fix as most people are not aware of how to fix it and they get frustrated. This is one of the most common sound issues that are faced using Windows. This will make it hard for you to watch your favorite shows, play your favorite game or listen to any sort of audio. This can all be avoided if you get to know the guide to fix sound issues in Windows 10. Following is a step-by-step process through which you can fix the sound issue in Windows 10.

Click on the audio troubleshoot

Whenever you face an audio problem in Windows 10 the first step involved is to click on the audio troubleshoot and then find the recommended solutions. This is because troubleshooting will diagnose the problem and also give you some solutions through which you can fix your problem related to audio. It is the best way to get your work done fast and fix your problem in lesser time.

How to fix sound issues in Windows 10
How to fix sound issues in Windows 10

• You can use a search box to search for the troubleshooting.

• Once you click on the troubleshoot settings you will see the “Playing Audio” option. After that select the “Run the troubleshoot”

• You will see a new troubleshoot icon in which you will get the option of fixing speakers. This includes both headphones and built-in speakers.

• Allow troubleshooting to do its job and wait until it gives you the result. It will provide you possible solutions for fixing your sound issues in Windows 10. These suggestions are often very helpful and help to fix sound issues fast.

Always check the volume

So there is this other mistake that most people make and that is they do not check the volume sliders. It’s either they forget to or don’t know how to which can also lead to sound problems.

Whenever you face a sound problem in Windows 10 you must always check the volume slider and see if you need to make any changes in order to fix the audio problem. Make sure to turn up the volume mixers. For this turn the slides towards the top so that the full volume will be adjusted.

Problem with the output device

Another reason why you could be facing the sound issue is through any problem in the Output device. If you hah plugged in a Bluetooth device or you are wearing some headphones then most likely they are not plugged in correctly which can lead to sound issues. In order to fix the sound issues due to output devices make sure that they fixed correctly in the ports.

• You will see a small arrow on the right corner of the screen. Click on the arrow symbol.

• By right-clicking on the speaker icon you will get into sound settings.

• In these settings, you can fix the sound issue related to the output device.

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