How to Access Deep Web 100% Legally?

How to Access Deep Web 100% Legally?

How to access deep web
If you are searching for How to Access Deep Web Legally then you are in the right place. Our internet is much bigger then we think. There are almost over 1.8 Billion websites on the internet as the demand for the web is increasing day-by-day its usage is also growing, which means you need more space and storage to handle these requirements. IT companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo use their data centers to fulfill the need for storage. Their most Their save all the data on the deep web fetched from their data centers.

The Deep web is the major part internet, which is not accessible by standard browsers and search engines. The deep web is linked with the surface web, or you can say deep web runs the surface web. Some people say the deep web is illegal. However, visiting and exploring the deep web isn’t illegal, but it allows some illegal activities to do as well. You can visit and explore the deep web just for fun or for informational purposes, but doing illegal things is a crime and illegal.

If you want to visit Deep web safely just for the general-purpose, here is a method to do that.

Install TOR Browser

You must install The Onion Router (TOR) to access deep. Especially the TOR browser is designed for visiting the Deep web legally and safely without getting into trouble. The TOR router is 100% safe to use and utterly legit application. It works like any other browsers if you are using the surface web or standard https websites, but it gives you access to regular deep web links, and you can safely explore the deep web with this browser. You just have to download its .exe file from their official website, and please don’t download from any other unknown source as they can contain some malicious files and can even hack your computer.

TOR Browser
TOR Browser

After installing, launch the application, and its interface is just like any other browsers. Here, the noticeable thing is that its default search engines will be DuckDuckGo, not Google. The reason behind this is because DuckDuckGo is the only search engine which supports deep web link, which will help you to safely and legally explore the deep web.

Download TOR Browser

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Searching for Deep Web Links

As the deep web is totally different from the surface web. You can’t search for deep web websites as you do on the surface web. But there are some deep web search engines like Google that allow you to legally explore deep web but they are mostly inaccurate and don’t work very well. They mostly show those websites which are not working or which are fake and unavailable. It is better to have a direct link or URL of your deep web site. On the deep web, you just think that you are in a world without any Google or search engine. You have to manually enter your deep web link to access your required webpage legally.

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