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Do you want to play a chaotic and beautiful video game full of adventure? Now Searching for it on the internet so just stop reaching for it. Because here we are going to talk about a marvellous game titled Firewatch and we’re going to review Firewatch video game. Yes, a Firewatch is a fantastic game containing a lot of adventure in it. Now you are getting curious about the game and want to know about it? So be with us we will discuss Firewatch in detail review in this article. So let’s get straight into our Firewatch Review.

firewatch review

Firewatch Review – Introduction

Firewatch is a beautiful masterpiece designed and developed by the Campo Santo with the collaboration of is directed by the famous director named Olly Moss The plot of the game is based on the fire lookout titled Henry in the forest called Shoshone National forest. Precisely after the one year of the Yellowstone. On his work, after one month, he started to experience very awkward things along with his master named Delilah.

Henry makes a connection with Delilah by using a device known as Walkie talkie. It is a first-person action game and occurs in Wyoming USA. The player transforms him into the character of Henry, and he is tasked with a fire lookout. By clear observation of the environment, he notices many mysteries and clues that are hidden. The only source of connection between Henry and his master is Walkie talkie. Still, the player is capable of using many devices for the link after the discovery of the various objects in the surrounding throughout the game.

The player will experience both day and night after a regular interval. The wife of the Henry suffers from a disease called dementia and for its treatment; he takes a job in the forest of the fire lookout. After a long time stay the Henry goes back to his tower. At the end of the game while completing his task in the forest.

Firewatch review

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The game is designed with many remarkable features to entertain you in a better way. Due to the excellent designing of the plot and story, it has won the following awards

  • The best 3D visual experience
  • Best indie game
  • The best writing of the story
  • Game of the year
  • Most genuine independent game
  • Most real debut
  • Soundest narrative
  • The game, original adventure
  • Best storytelling

Along with all the above-described awards, it is also nominated in many categories which are an indication of the success of the game and its developers as well.

Firewatch Review – How to play it?

The most frequently asked question is how to play the Firewatch at its best. So to answer this question here, we will discuss all the necessary tips and tricks to play the game with a high score

  • As Henry lives in the jungle and does his task there for fire out. Forest is a place full of mysteries and clues with discoveries, so before the starting of the game, gather all the information about it, locate all the locations. Keep an eye on the day and night changes. The most important thing is not to trust anyone within the game or whe6ther playing with you anyone else
  • Just do your task by keeping yourself calm and relaxed
  • For your convenience, there is a jeep available they a player can use it to perform his duty in a better way.
  • Your communication with the supervisor is essential to coordinate well for good performance, so does not forget to take the walkie-talkie in your hand all the time. Whenever you find any strange thing to inform your supervisor at once, this coordination is the key to success.

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  • While moving in the forest, you will find a cache box closed by a password enter password and open it. You will see a map in it containing information about the many locations so just copy all the data from it it is useful.
  • The creation of the jungle is smooth and flat. Here are no high places to jump across them. So you cannot see the Henry jump he will simply walk and move on the flat ground but to go to the hard sides you have to jump that is not normal and by default in the game so you will enjoy a lot.
  • To track the bear go to the lakeside in doing so, you will find many hurdles. To overcome the limitations cross them manly with a different strategy.
  • You will award with scores when you cross nay hurdle with a good strategy that leads toward the excellent ending of the game.

Firewatch Review – Pros

Firewatch is a beautiful game and has the following pros that you will experience while playing the game and after the game as well.

  • The designing of the atmosphere is fantastic. You will see the incredible surrounding with natural beauty that leads you towards the fantasy.
  • The environment is peaceful, and near to nature that keeps you relax during the game, there is no killing and bloodshed in the game.
  • It is suitable for the children under the age of 18, that is cool.
  • Awarded with the title of the best game of the year
  • Heart touching story
  • Soundtrack is mind-blowing

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  • You will see many surprises at every step that create suspense and compel you to complete the game.
  • Excellent use of graphics and physics
  • The critics of the game also admitted its unique characteristics and gave positive reviews about the game.


  • There is no can of the Firewatch.

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Final verdict

The incredible game named Firewatch Is a perfect choice for those who do not like colossal destruction and bloodshed. I played the fire watch and opened all its mysteries with interest. It takes me to a world of surprises and peace. I will recommend you to play will allow you to understand nature, the life of a forest, and will learn many skills to survive in the that all bout Firewatch I hope the guide is not wait and just start playing it. You will have an incredible experience. Good luck.

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