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Introduction – Doom 4

Doom 4 is the best shooter game made by ID software. The publishers of the game are Bethesda software. Doom 4 is based on an interesting story written by Adam Gascoine. Doom 4 is directed by a world-famous director Mary Stratton while it is composed of Mick Gordon. Doom 4 was released in the year 2016. It is an excellent addition to the existing series of the Doom with many improved and unique features to make it more interesting and challenging.

doom 4 review

Doom 4 is designed with all the best features therefore it is highly praised by the game lovers. The most wonderful thing is the critics also praise the marvellous game plot. All the positive reviews and praise of the s game lovers including praise of the critics make the game second-best first-person shooter game in history. Doom 4 is ranked on the second position in the list of the shooter games. Doom eternal is the Sequel of the series which is launched successfully.

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 Unique features of Doom 4 

  • The character of an unnamed space marine is taken by the player. The levels of the games are open-ended.
  • Doom 4 allows the player to play both with single-player mode and multiplayer mode as well
  • The single-player mode offers many skills and weapons to the player like a big and powerful gun of high strength
  • Movements include jumps, double jump, and double jumping along with the ledge climbing on the high objects
  • The more emphasis of the game is on the high speed and momentum
  • By the perspective of doom, slayers push forward combat prohibits the player to hide behind the hurdles. The player fights fastly killing the opponents and gathers many useful items
  • Glory kill is another interesting feature s launched in the Doom 4 which award the players with health by killing enemies effectively

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  • As the game progress, the levels go on harder and the player is allowed to use many useful tactics for good fighting and destruction at a massive level. In such scenario use bonus wisely
  • A large number of weapons are designed in the game is the most interesting feature is there is no need to reload the weapons again and again even the small gun has the high capacity and create huge destruction
  • The hidden lever is a wise additional feature that capable the player to unlock many areas of worth
  • In the multi-player mode various modes are added like: Freeze tag, soul harvest, domination, and deathmatch of the team.
  • On the completion of one match, the players get more experience points and upgrade the level
  • The receiving of the hack module is received by the player that is useful only when you collected it after a hard combat
  • To know about the health of the opponents use vital signs
  • Scout module helps the player in the revelation of the opponents
  • Addition of much power-up items
  • The level generation tool is an integral part of Doom 4named the snap map. The snap map enables the player to generate different modes like single-player modes multiplayer and cooperative mode of the player
  • Addition of the opponents into the map is just marvellous
  • Al conductor helps the player to generate opponents

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How to play Doom 4 

After discussing the features here we will learn some effective techniques to play Doom 4 in detail

  • The first rule to play Doom 4
  • Is if you are low in weapon and losing your health even then just attack and kill the s wild enemies with full aggression make the shooting as fast as you can it will make your survival possible
  • Keep on moving in the battlefield do not stop at any expense and just move forward toward the foes
  • On killing the enemies leave many useful items to keep on collecting them and increase your resources
  • Doom 4 is full of hidden mysteries including many weapons suit upgrades and many more
  • Do not be stressed on concentrating on the enemies just focus your opponent wisely and strongly and kill him
  • First, find the main enemies in the game and kill them first it will add in your scores

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  • Do not stop anywhere and leave the chunter alone
  • You will experience many stages of escalation in the game do not crazy as the events go on crazy with time
  • Just stay relaxes and keeps yourself calm do not lose your mind while fighting and kill enemies with confidence
  • Due to the continuous use, the ability of the weapon may affect so keep the weapon upgraded and maintain your health by finding the items form the mars and hell
  • During the up-gradation of the weapons do not upgrade it randomly before the process think about all the features and path hen upgrade the weapon
  • Try to reveal more sees by keeping your eyes open with full focus

Pros of Doom 4 

The pros of the magical series of doom 4 are given below

  • The game plot is wonderful with goods creation of characters including both player and enemies
  • The soundtrack of the game is amazing It is designed in such a way that you will feel as you are hearing the characters In the real world
  • He battle filed in which you play and shoot the enemies is created by giving he full effect of the horror
  • The revelation of the secrets enhance your points
  • You will experience the use of many heavy and dangerous weapons and learn more about their features, use, and manufacturing
  • Reviews of the people about the Doom 4 are positive which rates the game in the second category of the action games
  • It takes you in the intensive and horror world which contain dangers in it and teaches you how to survive in the strange situation