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The Celeste Game Review

If you are searching for a great game to play then it is the right choice for you. Celeste is a gem that you never had imagined before. It is an amazing game designed by the Canadian Matt Thorson. It is consists of many chapters and each chapter is named with a different title. The platform of the game is based upon the girl Named Madeline who climbs up to the mountain but she faces nay hurdles in her way so here is the celesta game review.


The player controls the girls and makes her way smooth by removing hurdles. Madeline is capable of performing various tasks effectively like she jumps and climbs so the wall for the short period with cardinal and intercardinal direction. This task can be done only once to do it she must lave to land on the floor and strike to something such as replenishing crystal, or by going to the new display.

Celesta Game Review – Abilities

All around while playing the game the player will receive many additional abilities like springs that used by the player to launch and feathers that enable her to fight for a short while in the air and many fatal objects which can kill the Madeline. There is an option to change the characteristics of the physics of the game. Change in these attributes is in the player’s access. Some of these characteristics are slowing of the game speed, unlimited air dashes, and immovability.

Celesta Game Review – Exploration

Exploration of the A-side is related to the B-side in the next chapter in the way that there are optional strawberries hidden and the player must have to collect these strawberries. The collection of the strawberries affects the ending of the game it makes ending brilliant if you collect many strawberries by going through the puzzle-solving section and accepting the challenge. On compulsory crystal, hearts are also used to get access to the post-game content set in the A-side.

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When you completed B -side than getting entered into the next chapter called C-side. Both the B-side and C-side up skills the player with very complicated techniques, required to clear the deadly obstacle that otherwise is impossible. After the completion of the C-side, the player can get access to the game physics by going through the game assist mode. Some of the variables that can be changed by the player are dashing of 360 degrees, speeding up the game, and less friction. All these characteristics aid in making the survival game more adventurous and challenging for the player. Fun is an additional factor included in these variants.

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Celesta Game Review – Story Mode

The story begins when Madeline makes a decision to climb up the mountain but an old lady forbid her who live in the same city Madeline refused the old lady and started making her way to the mountain she meets a traveller named Theo. On the way she stayed in a hotel where the owner of the hotel insists she stays here permanently despite the bad condition of the hotel. She insults the Oshiro (the owner of the hotel) and leaves. Oshiro does not forget his insult and started chasing Madeline.

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On the way, Madeline experiences a stress attack. Theo makes her cool and calm. Theo and Madeline got trapped in a magical mirror. There, a monster from Madeline’s insecurities makes an attack but Madeline releases the Theo from there. After they got free from the temple Madeline tells Theo about her mental health problems.

At night she sees the reflection and requests him to leave her. The reflection gets angry plunges the Madeline into the base of the mountain. She stuck to a cave, there Madeline again meets the old lady suggest the girl talk to the reflection to resolve the issue instead of abandoning. Then Madeline apologizes for the reflection and again starts climbing on the mountain. In the end chapters of the game, she experienced many adventurous things there. Explore the base of Celeste Mountain and she sees the death of granny.

How to play Celeste

It is easy to play celeste

  • Hold the dash as you start playing the game. There are small berry blocks. It is compulsory to touch the berry blocks to get berries out for more scores and skills. If you do not touch you will become blue and bounce back
  • You will find some visual cues also to locate the berries so do not ignore those cues. The position of the berries is some in every time so it is possible to collect all the berries
  • Make jumps because it is useful to cross the obstacles on the way. Jumps make you able to fly high in the air it protect from deadly monsters and makes the level easy
  • First, grab the key then slide along the wall it is safe
  • There is a corner jump to make the end glorify. When you hit the corner it allows you to cross the wall. Make it sure does not hurt while jumping. Avoid touting ceiling and reach on the ground safely. Keep in mind about the underbite dangerous monsters.



  • The soundtrack and visual clips of the game are outstanding
  • The story of the celeste is emotional and heart touching
  • The design of the different chapters is excellent the dispersal of the hurdles is well balance in each level
  • The plot of the game is really interesting and makes the player additive
  • The factor of fun does not let you bored
  • Creation of an amazing and wonderful world that seems to be magical


  • Death of the player, again and again, is frustrating because it leads to the zero points from where you have to struggle again

Final verdict

Celeste is an excellent game to play because it consists of both adventure action and fun which grab the attention of the player. I played the game and complete each level by removing many obstacles it is enjoying. So if you are fed up with playing action games and now want to have some fun then paly celeste you will enjoy a lot. Wish you good luck.

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