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Black Mesa-the most addictive game you played ever

black mesa

If you are a game lover and love to play action and shooter games, then you are at the right place because here we are going to talk about a third party shooter game named as a black mesa. Black mesa is a perfect choice for the game lovers with a lot of adventure and action that leads you to the world of fantastic fantasy. It is the remake of the well-known game half-life source.

The Crowbar collective designs black mesa. It is a mind-blowing combination of many previous and new features to bring more action for you. The developers of the game have tried their best to bring improvements in the game this is the reason behind the millions of positive reviews of the people about the game from all over the world the remake take a long time because there are many significant changes brought in it like fantastic designing of the puzzle and different levels with substantial challenges.

black mesa review

Black mesa is a beautiful first-person shooting game in which the player solves many tasks and combats the various enemies to get through the game if we talk about the design of the game well! It is not different from the half-life. The player is capable of using any weapons of different intensities throughout the game. The player’s health is considered, and the player is protected by a powerful protective suit that protects the player from the hazard of damage.

The suit of the player is chargeable.

Story Mode of Black Mesa

Along with batteries are found through the game course to charge the protective suit. Different battery stations also have designed to meet the requirement of the player. Black mesa allows you to take advantage of the situation of the game. The intelligence of the characters other than the player has also increased to make the fight more challenging and tough. The refined spaces are more in the black mesa as compared to the source called the half-life.

black mesa

Various design changes also have made to make the plot more spacious and attractive. He was talking about the plot of the black mesa well! It is not different from the half-life game. In the half-life, the player takes a hold on the Gordon Freeman, who is, in fact, a theoretical physical scientist and works at the research facility of the black mesa. He is ordered to keep a sample of irregular substances into a spectrometer of anti-mass to analyze for the use of hazardous suits in a safer way.

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But unfortunately, the sample makes a cascade of resonance, and causes the formation of the interdimensional rift to the actual dimension of an alien known as Xen, and create the release of the alien on the earth which ruin the facility at all. Now in this situation, the scientist named Freeman survives sin this horrible incident and finds other people who escaped with him. Then he gave the order to the other survivors to create a safe way from their so they can seek help for their release from the devastated place safely. When freeman reaches the surface safely, she sees that the facility is cleansed now by the military. Then free man starting thinking about how to stop the emerging of the alien? Then he comes to a point, and that understand, to keep the rift open, the entity should be ruin.

How to play Black Mesa some Tips and Tricks

  • If you got frustrated by continuously playing the game, so you have the option of lowering the level of difficulty because it is a harder and difficult game than any other shooter game.
  • A variety of weapons are available to fight s effectively, so keep with your most potent weapons all the time through the course of the game.
  • You will see bloodshed everywhere, so if you find a strange situation, just jump long in any safe direction.
  • Along with the use of the gun, the option for the utility of rocket launcher is also available. You can reload the rocket launcher as soon as you fire.

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  • To break the hurdles and for the bringing of head carbs, the hive hand is the most useful weapon. So do not put it aside by making it a useless thing.
  • Us the power slide to get into the hard spaces fastly.
  • You can rush in any direction because it is essential in the fighting of the boss battle.
  • To climb on the ladder press“ E“ by pressing this key, you will cross the ladder quickly.
  • Most areas of the game are rediscover able so if you are lower in energy, then just relax.
  • If the enemy throws a rocket launcher on you from the sea, then by clicking on the draw, you can throw the rocket launcher back on them.
  • The revolver named Ironsight is not robust, so it is almost useless.
  • Be vigilant when you collect the sentry turrets they can burst on your face.

Pros of the Black Mesa

  • It is an excellent remake of the original game with many perfect ad remarkable features.
  • The game is designed in such a way that it is easily acceptable by the beginners.
  • The plot of the game is designed in HD
  • The game is a beautiful exhibition of the graphics.
  • The soundtrack and voices of the characters are just amazing.


  • The game is not completed yet, and many puzzles are not designed with the use of high-quality physical graphics.
  • There is bloodshed everywhere in the game that is why it is not recommended to the children under the age of 18

Final Verdict


Black mesa is a hard game full of thrill and bloodshed. In this, you have got enough information about the game. Just go for it and play the most challenging game. I played black mesa and now waiting for its is hard to wait for any if you enjoy like me and expect to experience the thrill and adventure of the black mesa, then do not waste your time anymore. I wish you good luck.

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