Best Ways to Clean your Hard Drive Now!

System Requirements

Hard disks are available in a number of sizes. Some are smaller in size whereas some are larger in size. This has a lot more to do with your requirements. If you want to store a large number of heavy files then you will require a large hard disk. This will help you store data easily. But no matter how big your hard disk is they always get filled up which leads to no more space for future files so you need the Best Ways to Clean your Hard Drive. This occurs more often if you are using a solid-state drive (SSD). This causes less hard drive space in mechanical hard drives.

Best Ways to Clean your Hard Drive Now!

If you are running out of space and want to free up space for important files then you will have to remove unimportant files from your hard disk Below are some of the best Best Ways to Clean Clean your Hard Drive.

Disk cleanup process

Windows includes a tool that helps get rid of the field that you no longer use. This built-in tool will destroy these temporary files so that space is created for new files. This helps remove unimportant data. In order to access this, right-click on one of the hard drives in ten computer Window and then select properties.

You can also search for disk clean up in the Start menu

free up space

In the disk, properties click on the disk clean up button

Now select the types of files that you want to delete. After that click “ok”. This includes all the temporary files that you don’t want. This also includes the files that are present in the recycle bin.

You can also clear up system files.

Clean up unwanted files

After this, you can click on more options button and use the “clean up” button under the system

Restore. This will help remove unwanted data from the system. This button will delete all ten files except the recent ones. This ensures that your computer is working normally.

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Uninstall unwanted applications

The next thing that you have to do is uninstall unwanted applications.

  • You can do this if you want more space for important files. From the programs and features control panel, click on the “size column”.
  • This will help you see how much space you have on the program installed on your computer.
  • The best way to reach there is through the “uninstall programs” in the Start menu.

Check disk space

To find the amount of space you have left on the disk you can use a hard disk analysis. This application will scan your hard drive and display the number of files and folders that are taking the most space in the hard drive.

After scanning you will be able to see the files that you want and the files that you no longer want.

Remove temporary files

You can also remove temporary files by deleting unwanted files from the system. This will help clear space on the hard disk. Check how to optimize USB storage for better performance on Windows 10

Remove duplicate files

You can also remove duplicate files to have more disk space for important files.

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