5 Best file-sharing tools and software for Windows 10

If you are someone who wants to share files and documents using Windows 10 then this article is the best for you to go through. Today you will see many applications and software that allow you to share files between different users in seconds. This involves both heavy files and medium storage files. This not only helps free up space on your computer but also you will not face any sort of storage problems. If your file is too large you can easily send it using one of these file-sharing tools.

5 Best file-sharing tools and software for Windows 10


One of the best file sharing tools is called Dropbox. Dropbox not only helps you transfer heavy files but also helps store your work and keep it highly protective. It is one of the best cloud storage tools that are available currently. It allows the best file synchronization which supports all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

All you have to do is create a folder that contains your files and then share them with the person you want to see those files. This will also help you organize your work in the best way possible.

Google drive

Another very popular file-sharing tool is Google drive. Google Drive is built to ensure the safe transfer of all types of files. Even if it involves heavy files you won’t have to worry about it because your work will be transferred safely to the recipient.

One of the best features associated with Google dirge is that it also helps you create new files, documents, projects, presentations with greater ease as it contains all the essential tools. Even if you accidentally delete a file you will be able to have access to it for 30 days in case you want to restore that file.


Another very powerful file sharing tool is Sendthisfile. This is the best tool when it comes to working for a business as it contains all the essential business work-related tools that you will need. In this way you will be able to get your work done faster and a lot more effectively. You will be able to send your work to multiple people simultaneously.

There is one thing that people have to keep in mind and that is this file-sharing tool is only free for the first 15 days. After that, you will have to pay for using the tool. It surely is worth the money!

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SugarSync is another high demand file sharing tool with the best cloud storage. It provides you full access to backup, file syncs, browser, etc. No one will be able to share or open your files without your pass which makes this file-sharing tool much more secure. This is great for business-related work.

Using this tool is greatly beneficial for people who have to send heavy files most of the time. You will be able to send these files with ease to anyone you want! Make sure to download it to start working right now.

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