Aragami Review – Best Role Playing Game

Aragami Review- The Best Stealth Video Game

Today we will do the Aragami Review. Aragami is one of the best, actions, adventurous, and stealth games available on the internet. Lince develops this exciting video game. The original title of the game was the path of shadows. Aragami is an assassin exhibiting many supernatural capabilities. The player plays the game by taking the role of Aragami. Aragami faces the enemy named Laiho. The army of the opposite team is formed by the dangerous and mighty warriors who comprise the power to control the light. Now let’s talk in detail about the Aragami video game to make you master to play this exciting game so below is the Aragami review.

INTRO or Short Aragami Review

When you start playing the game, you have to complete some at the start, the player takes complete hold on the shadow spirit called Aragami who tries his best to complete all thirteen episodes according to the order in order. For the completion of one chapter the player have to go to certain areas specifies in the video then different collet items and overcome many hurdles to make the path smooth and easy to reach the final step for the exit. Aragami can transmit to any other part of the game represented by the map. In doing this shadow needs energy because he spends shadow essence. The shadow can be replenished by making him stand under any steady light source or shadow. Lanterns act as reliable light sources. The player gets a raven that indicates the location of any useful objects across the wall that otherwise are not easy to also assists in getting a variety of bells that use to locate the temp enemies anywhere.

Aragami Game Story Mode

As the game consists of thirteen chapters, each chapter is strictly guarded by many guards. The sword-wielding guards are very dangerous and are the powerful enemies of the player. They try to murder the paler by tossing light on the player. Many archers also try to kill the player. They keep on patrolling in different areas. They are capable of identifying the player from a distance and then execute the player when he comes in contact with them. But you can also kill the dangerous guard by circling him in a specific range. You have to become so active and vigilant be causing when you move around the sound makes the guards productive and suspicious they, as a result, put their swords in hand and started investigating.

aragami gameplay

And when the guard finds you, they make a specific sound or horn that gives a message to all other guards and then all guards began searching for the player to kill him. Guards make many attempts for this purpose, and any successful effort may hit the player and take him to reach the initial point to try gain for further movement there is water so you may be died by falling in the water.
While playing the game as you complete the levels and move forward. You will discover many scrolls that are hidden and not easy to take. These hidden scrolls are very useful to decode many valuable skills for more scores and active fighting. These scrolls help you in making capable of vanishing the corps and making you invisible for short term and many more uses.

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Aragami Avatar Review

story mode

Aragami is summoned by a girl named Yumiko who is a prisoner of kaiho. Kaiho who has killed many people and destroyed their land. Yamiko called them oppressors that conquer the country by the shadow empress. She wants to release from the prison and requests the Aragami to help her. There is a need for six talismans for the release of the girl from prison. This process must be completed in one night because daylight will kill the Aragami.

How to play

  • Press RB to teleport the shadow and do shadow leap if you have low shadow essence then you will not be able to shadow leap.
  • Avoid light it will drain your energy, especially in case of low shadow essence. Shadow Essence is very important for the fight. Always try to keep the shadow with you because it refills it.
  • Go inside the building slowly and safely. There you will face the kaiho and his army so does not meet them directly they will drain out your shadow essence because they are adept with light.
  • Scrolls are the potential source to know about the potential of scrolling and finding hidden objects is an essential task.? Try to use all the defensive techniques to get more scores
  • Create the path of shadow by pressing the button RB
  • Make sure you stay in the shadow to prevent low shadow essence
  • In chapter three, you see the temple kill all the enemies by stealth killing without directly facing them.
  • Similarly, keep on fighting and complete all thirteen chapters; in the end, you will be able to release the Tamiko from prison.


  • Excellent plot of the game
  • Amazing story
  • Incredible weapons and shadow essence
  • Full of adventure and suspense
  • Recovery of land from the oppressor gives you extra points
  • All the chapters are very well balanced with many surprises
  • The game contains a fun factor also, but it is restricted to some limited skill
  • It is just amazing to get to be capable of print a shadow for the higher ledge
  • For the visualization of hidden objects by the bird without letting know the guards is outstanding
  • Good sound system. The voices of all the characters seem real and authentic with clarity


  • The medal awarded are not specified by the type
  • The requirement of a skin medal is relying upon the separate chapter which is stated in the game.
  • Final verdict
  • Aragami is the best game to play for people of all are not complex to stop understands the rules and ways to play the game. So what are you waiting for? Play the Aragami and save lives by using many
  • integrating weapons and stealth killing. I played this game and covered all the thirteen chapters. I enjoyed it a lot you will have an excellent experience.

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