3 Best Free Media Players for Movie Night

Nothing’s more exciting than watching your favorite movie with friends on a movie night. But there is one problem that people mostly face while watching a movie on the PC, and that is the film might get stuck due to bad media players. This is why everyone must install the best media players on their computers or laptop. These media players are not always easy to use, and therefore you must install the best media player that is available out there.

Using an excellent quality media player service not only helps you enjoy the best quality videos but also enhances the video quality to a greater extent. Some media players improve the loading and watching the process of the video. Choosing the best media player can be a bit difficult, especially when you have so many choices these days. It is always better to do your research before choosing and installing a particular media player and to download especially for your GPT or MBR Hard Disk. This article will provide you a list of the best free media players for movie night in 2020.


VLC Media Player 

VLC Media player is by far the best media player for computers as well as the laptop. If you are looking for software that will be able to provide you the best 8k resolution to play your favorite movie, then the VLC media player is the answer.

This versatile software can play 360-degree movies, videos, etc. Using the VLC Media player also helps you improve the playback settings and audio quality. You will also be able to add filters to your video clips and edit them with the best array of tools. You can also improve the sound quality with the VLC Media player. Some movies come with mediocre soundtracks, and in such cases, VLC media player helps the most.

Download VLC Player


5K Player

One of the best free media player options for Windows and other computers is 5K Player. It provides a wide range of options to edit the video and improve sound quality. You can play your video or movie in 5k quality very quickly with the help of a 5K Player. You will also be able to stream videos from YouTube in the best quality.

This media player supports all types of video qualities. You will be able to watch your movie in an 8k version and 360-degree. The settings will help you adjust the audio and playback quality.

Download 5K Player

GOM Player

Another best Media player that is available out there is a GOM player. With a GOM player, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies in the best HD quality. This software includes both 360 degree and 8K resolution features.

Download GOM

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