Christmas arrives, a period in which purchases dominate our day today. A time of year that also sees in a few days an anteroom on the occasion of Black Friday. And this year it seems that along with tablets and laptops, Microsoft also wants to have the Mixed Reality as a product to reach the potential stakeholders.

Microsoft wants consumers to be aware of the existence of their proposals to make the Mixed Reality call this Christmas and for this, they have put the batteries and have begun to design a marketing campaign that seeks to convince potential buyers to be made with some of the RV glasses that are on the market.

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Did you expect the Surface Book 2? You can already reserve it in the Microsoft Store, but only in the United States

With the announcement and presentation in mid-October of the Surface Book 2, one of the great mysteries that kept in Microsoft for the final stretch of this year was unveiled. Not in vain, there was a desire to know the aspect and leave doubts about this model, since at the same time many expected to see a Surface Pro with LTE coming in parallel (we saw it later).

The weeks have been happening since its presentation and today, November 9 and fulfilling what was announced in the presentation, we can already book the Surface Book 2, which will go on sale officially on November 16, yes, only in the United States

A device that we remember comes in two sizes (13 and 15 inches) with different specifications depending on the chosen one.

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been with us almost 20 days and many can already test the advantages offered by the autumn update. The compatible equipment has received the notice to update, although there are still many users who have not been able to test the latest update of the Redmond.

We have seen some methods to update without waiting for the warning to arrive at the same time that we have echoed the opinion of Microsoft advising us to wait for our turn to arrive.

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One of the market trends is to count on devices with a larger screen area. This leads us to say that the terminals that we used to call phablets, which opened the legendary Samsung Galaxy Note, are camouflaged between the rest of the terminals.

The screens have grown. Each time we want bigger screens, which has led to the emergence of trends such as phones with very thin frames (not without frames). A tendency that supposes to grow in size and therefore to cause a loss of usability.

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Microsoft Edge breaks the limitations and opens beta test on iOS for all users

We have talked on several occasions about the need to diversify the platforms in which the different applications work to achieve greater expansion. Of that, they know a lot in Google and also in Microsoft, companies that do not hesitate to take to the competition their applications star to attract users.

And in the case of Microsoft, the last step has been given by taking your browser, Microsoft Edge, to the ecosystems of Android and iOS. A step that took place one day ago and for which he used the use of the betas system.

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It's time to try a new version of Office: Microsoft will cease support for Office 2007 on October 10

One of the aspects that most concern when we do with any technological product is the support time that we will have. A time in which the brand is committed to offering parts, repairs, updates … any type of need for the proper operation of the product. Before, the time of support was not so important and we could say that perhaps it was more extensive, but today that has changed.

The general rule (there are exceptions) is that firms are becoming more interested in selling new products than in supporting existing ones.

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Windows 10 "Redstone 4" build 17004

Windows 10 “Redstone 4” build 17004 has been available for a few days already for Skip Ahead users in the Fast Ring (all the strange terminologies are well explained in our dedicated article ), but only today it has been discovered that it includes, as it works only partially, a very anticipated and anticipated feature of the power user: the universal multi-device clipboard and synchronized to cloud .

It does not really work

The panel activates, but only shows default, facade content – mock-ups in short.

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality … whatever the term is used, it is clear that this is one of the objectives that many companies are going to set for this 2018 which has not so much to reach. The big industry, see, Google, Apple, HTC, Lenovo and of course, Microsoft, are already working on it.

New products and new applications that in the case of Redmond have a key date. On October 17, when we will see the big fall update, Fall Creators Update.

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We have talked on several occasions about the role that Microsoft plays with Edge, its browser, which came to replace the mythical Internet Explorer. A role in a movie in which the star is Google Chrome and which in turn is very well supported by Mozilla Firefox.

Edge is third in contention

And the task of getting to the top is not easy. Although the path they have started is good, in the Microsoft Edge must still find important aspects to solve as is the case of the shortage of extensions that allow it to be a real alternative to Chrome and Firefox.

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